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Buy uPVC Windows and Doors At Affordable Prices From AIS Windows

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More often than not, building the home of dreams have one big challenge that most builders, homeowners and designers encounter. Cost! No matter how conservatively you plan, it always seems that the good things, the tasteful things, the things that exude quality, are always expensive. Soon enough, the little things add up and you start pushing the boundaries of your budget. Everyone almost instinctively takes it for granted that high-quality, durable and aesthetically beautiful things will be expensive and they would need to shell out a fortune. A big part of this cost often comes from the installation of doors and windows. They are also the part of the building that adds the most aesthetic value to your home. People may not be able to see what you put inside your walls and ceilings but they definitely see your doorway and windows. Wooden frames for doors and windows are the traditional go to solution for most people. They are bulky, they deteriorate with time and the climate and costs a lot to make, install and maintain.

But at AIS Windows, we believe dreams should not come with a hefty price tag. Our uPVC window prices are the most affordable in India and are of the supreme quality. They are also made by keeping in mind the variety of climate different regions of India experience. The surrounding and the climate in the place you are living matters while choosing and installing the right type of windows or doors, as they impact your ventilation. uPVC is the material of choice for anyone who is looking to pragmatically improve the ventilation of their home as well as secure their interior from external forces.

Apart from that, there are several other benefits of using uPVC for your windows and doors. Let’s take a look at a few of them so that you can make the perfect choice for your modern home.

Benefits Of uPVC Windows And Doors

Benefits Of uPVC Windows And Doors

  1. Customisable

  2. With increasing modernisation in the manufacturing of uPVC, you can now customise your frames and structures as per your preferences. The frames now can be tailor-made to your specifications and to fulfil your particular functional and aesthetic need.

  3. Secure

  4. While installing windows and doors it is necessary to know if they are secure enough to keep you safe from intruders. There are up to ten different locking points that can be added to uPVC windows and doors that provide you with complete security and safety.

  5. Insulation

  6. It is not always practical to completely rely on air conditioning units or heaters when it comes to regulating the temperature within your house. uPVC windows and doors are fantastic insulators and therefore keep the temperature regulated inside your house. This has a two fold benefit. It reduces your dependency on air conditioners and heaters and it helps you save on electricity cost.

  7. Eco Friendly

  8. uPVC windows and doors require very few materials and are very eco friendly. This is so because they can be recycled as commercial floor tiles and pipes. Therefore the material doesn’t go to waste when it is damaged. They also have a lifespan of about 40 to 80 years so you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon!

  9. Low Maintenance

  10. uPVC windows and doors are very low maintenance. They are quite easy to clean and easy to manage. A simple soap and water wash is enough to clean them and keep them as new as ever. There is no need of sanding and repainting it to make it last long. They do not get damaged very easily, even when scrubbing the most stubborn stains.

  11. Good Ventilation

  12. uPVC windows and doors can be opened in both directions, that is, either completely inwards or completely outwards. This is called a ‘tilt and turn’ configuration, allowing the air from both outside and inside to flow unhindered. This provides an optimal draft, creating a well ventilated space.

  13. Long Lasting

  14. While installing any feature in your modern house you definitely need to know whether it will be long lasting or not, especially windows and doors. If they are not, there will be a constant need of repair due to even the slightest damage. This makes the door or window an inconvenient financial liability that consumes a lot of your time, energy, mental piece and money. Therefore uPVC is the most sensible option to go for when installing windows and doors.

  15. Fire Retardant

  16. In most of the building regulations it is stated that the frame units of windows and doors should be made of fire rated material. uPVC windows and doors are fire rated, this is important because it prevents the fire from outside to spread inside your house or property. Their natural aversion to catching fire makes them very safe for both commercial and residential spaces.

  17. Soundproof

  18. Your house is a place where you need your peace and quiet. Depending upon where you live, this peace and quiet can be threatened by external forces. uPVC windows and doors are your saviours as they reduce all kinds of outside noise by almost 80% and provide you that peace you deserve. Pair it with soundproof glass for best results.

  19. Durable

  20. uPVC material is a very strong long lasting material. It doesn’t get damaged that easily even in the worst of conditions or with the strongest impact. Be it moisture or heat, it does not rust, develop moulds or get eroded. uPVC windows and doors are especially preferred in areas that are extremely humid or are extremely hot.

Now that we know about the benefits of uPVC windows and doors, it is important to note that they can be a bit pricey. Also suppliers can sell you subpar material at a high cost. Therefore, it is very important to choose a supplier who is reliable and provides you with the best product at the right price. Here at AIS WINDOWS we provide you with the best window glass prices that matches your preferences. It is important to know that the uPVC window prices are usually set as per square feet.

Along with uPVC windows cost we also help you to choose the best type of glass that is suitable for your home to enhance both the aesthetics as well as the functionality of the interiors while at the same time making sure that you have your safety and comfort.

Types Of Window Glass

  1. Low E Glass

  2. Low emission glass is a type of glass that is installed in your windows to block the UV rays from entering your house. By blocking these harmful rays you are free of any long-term health hazards that may arise from overexposure.

  3. Laminated Glass

  4. Laminated glass is quite flexible and is UV resistant, therefore making it another good option for making windows. This type of glass is very strong and can resist the strongest of impacts easily. It also does not break easily and can be further made into different types of glass such as bulletproof glass.

Purchasing anything is quite a complicated thing, mentally speaking. There is always an anxiety of whether we have bought the right thing or not, is the quality as promised and have we bought it at the right price. A good purchase is when we have complete peace of mind and confidence in what we have bought. We get that.

It can be difficult to find a manufacturing company that provides realistic and affordable uPVC window prices in India but here at AIS Windows, you can find the highest quality products at the best price. We not only provide you with the best price point but also various solutions for your window glass problems that you might have while choosing the perfect one for your house. We also provide you with the best technicians and we make sure that they follow all the necessary regulations while installing them in your house. AIS Windows also makes sure to provide you with the best quality products for your uPVC windows and doors.

So why wait any longer, come here at AIS Windows and utilise all the benefits regarding your window glass problems and receive the best services and get the best uPVC windows cost.

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