Benefits of Using Aluminium Doors and Windows in Hotels

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Are you looking to install windows in your new hotel project or thinking of upgrading your current ones? More than the number on your invoice, the functionality of the material that you plan to use for the doors and windows, the aesthetics, and lastly, the comfort of the guests who will be staying at your hotel should be your top priorities. Moreover, doors and windows set the tone for a place, which is why sound discretion in choosing them can make the difference between profits and losses in your hospitality business.

In recent years, a new candidate has taken the architecture and interior designing sector by a storm –Aluminium. Let us find out what makes aluminium a favourite among architects and interior designers.

Why is Aluminium the Best Choice?

Not only are aluminium windows and doors a great addition to residential properties, but they also are a valuable addition to hotels. The benefits of aluminium are plentiful. Let us explore each of them –


Due to certified surface treatments, aluminium windows and doors do not peel, flake, or warp easily. They also don’t rust because of aluminium’s corrosion-resistant property. As a result, aluminium windows and doors have a longer product life. Aluminium is weather-resistant and can easily handle harsh weather conditions. It can even withstand rain, wind, and intense sunlight without rotting or getting discoloured. Its charm remains unaffected by harmful UV rays. Whether your hotel is located in a high-wind area or an area that sees heavy rainfall, the weather-proof nature of aluminium will continue to bring you a good return on your investment.

Moreover, aluminium is endowed with exceptional moisture-resistant properties. It prevents water from seeping into the walls that surround the window or the door. This prevents the formation of mould around the walls of your hotel rooms.


Aluminium is a highly strong metal. It also has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it very hard to make a dent on it. It is also a low-density metal, which is why slim yet sturdy aluminium frames for windows and doors can easily be made.


Besides being highly durable and strong, aluminium windows and doors are maintenance-free. A routine wipe with a clean cloth dipped in a cleaning agent is all that is required to make aluminium windows and doors ready for a great first impression on visitors and potential buyers alike.


We are living in the age of awareness where both on an individual and global level, steps are being vigorously taken to build a cleaner and greener environment. Choosing aluminium windows and doors is an environmentally-conscious decision as aluminium is non-toxic and is a 100% recyclable material. Industry experts have also claimed that recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the initial energy that was consumed while manufacturing it. This further makes aluminium an environmentally-sustainable material. Moreover, aluminium windows and doors also have a low carbon footprint.


Due to the advent of thermal break technology, modern-day aluminium windows and doors help in maintaining optimal room temperatures in every season – They keep the spaces warm during winters and cool during the warmer months. This makes hotel rooms and suites comfortable for guests no matter the time of the year.


A guest’s stay at your hotel can quickly turn into a sour experience if loud noises disrupt it. To avoid this, acoustic-insulation should be taken into account when choosing doors and windows. Using aluminium windows and doors with double-glazed glass panels can offer high sound-insulation. This would ensure that your guests can enjoy their privacy without getting disturbed by outside noises.

How Aluminium Windows and Doors Can Spruce Up Your Hotel?

First impressions can make or break businesses. This applies to hotels as well. The quickest way to create an impression on your guests is by making your hotel’s rooms and suites visually appealing. From big bay windows that allow copious amounts of natural light to enter to colours that match and complement the interior décor of your hotel, aluminium windows and doors provide with all these and much more.

Along with providing comfort to the guests, aluminium windows and doors will also add a touch of style to the hotel rooms. Aluminium windows and doors are available in a wide range of styles and colours. Due to the way aluminium is manufactured, it can also get customised as per your design specifications while maintaining all its inherent qualities. Aluminium is best-suited for custom projects. Its strength, coupled with its flexibility makes it a malleable material that can easily be used for Wall-to-Wall windows or Ceiling-to-Floor windows. You can also opt for Sliding balcony doors, Casement windows, Sliding and Side-Hung windows, Slide-and-Fold doors, etc. The addition of aluminium windows and doors will add a modern and sleek look to the suites and make them more appealing to the guests.

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