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Types of Windows that You can Install in Your Spaces

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Windows are not just an ornamental addition to your home and neither are they superficial. They play a crucial part in determining the vibe of that specific room and the appeal of your entire home. Choosing and then installing windows according to what one’s style is and what one wants and requires from one’s home can be a tough decision to make. It is often a very strategic decision that one arrives at after careful research and scrutiny. The reason why windows are more important than doors is that they serve a crucial purpose of being the medium that brings into your humble abode light to brighten your spaces during the day and air to keep your house fresh. Light and air are two important factors that should be taken into consideration as they are crucial for you as well as your family’s well-being.

While decorating your house, it becomes important for you to plan so that you can optimally use the space, pick out accessories, and merge aesthetics and style while also making room for functionality.

To help you with this, here is a list of the types of windows that you can choose from, to add not only functionality but also a sleek touch to your space

Casement Windows

Types of Windows to Install in Your Spaces

Casement windows have been a part of Indian homes for years now. The mechanism of a casement window is simple. It typically has hinges on either side, i.e. the left and the right and it opens outwards. These windows are known to have large panes made of glass with good framing. Since they are easy to operate and could be opened and closed at your convenience, they are favourable for all your ventilation needs. When casement windows are closed and locked, they have an effective seal; this effective seal works wonders on improving the energy-efficiency of your home.

Bay Windows

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Often known as garden windows, bay windows are windows that are slightly protruding outwards. The structure of these windows is apt if you are looking for a window seat overlooking your front lawn or backyard. Architects and interior decorators love the idea of bay windows as bay windows allow them to create angles. Due to the play with the angles, sunlight can enter your room from different sides. As these windows are fixed, they allow an ample amount of sunlight to enter into your room. If you like curling up with a book in broad daylight, then bay windows should definitely be your pick.  Bay windows also work well in kitchens and family rooms as the large sill of these windows can be utilized for décor purposes such as for your small plants or succulents or you can just use it as a window seat.

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows come with a track built into the frame on which the window panes can slide back and forth. These windows move horizontally instead of opening outwards. As the design of the sliding windows is simple and classy, it is quite popular among homeowners and is a pretty common design type for windows. These types of windows are a brilliant choice for rooms that either face balconies or passageways.

Aluminium Fixed Windows

Aluminium Fixed Windows

Picture Windows or Fixed Windows are non-operable windows which is why they are best in areas where the airflow is not that important. This is one of the largest windows that you can have in your house. Picture windows are large glass surfaces that can occupy the centre of a wall. These types of windows allow maximum sunlight into your room while providing a wide and lavish view of the outdoors. As the glass panes are fixed, there is less possibility of air leakage. Along with this, the glass panes in picture windows can also be constructed to prevent excess heat from entering the room. If your house has a beautiful view that you want to enjoy but you don’t want to be disturbed by the outside noise, then picture windows are your best pick. These windows will let you enjoy your view without any disturbances.

Top-Hung Windows

 Another name for top-hung windows is awning windows. These types of windows tilt outwards; a positive attribute as it does not limit the size of your room. Top-hung windows or awning windows also prevent snow or rain from entering your room. Along with this, they also provide good insulation. They can be installed with picture windows to provide ventilation and can also be installed above doors.

Windows vary in many ways which is why there are different types of windows to suit different styles and preferences. Some are ideal for ventilation while some types of windows are ideal for a particular type of architectural design. No matter what, windows definitely add a touch of beauty and personality to your home.

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