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16 Dec

5 Window Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Living Space

Posted 7:23 am, December 16, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows
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A healthy living space is signified by the cleanliness and great hygiene of your surroundings. It is essential to have a tidy home as several psychological studies and surveys have revealed a direct correlation between clean spaces and happier, healthier people. On the other hand, cluttered household items and messy things in your home raise your stress levels.
Quite understandably, organised space helps you soothe your nerves after a long day at work. So, to create a healthy living space, proper upkeep of your home is of utmost importance. With so many aspects of a modern home, the task of maintenance is toilsome, where a few basic structures tend to get the backseat.
Your glass window is one of these. A home is incomplete without windows, and keeping your windows shining will add to its calming ambience.
Let us look at the top 5 window maintenance tips to create a healthy living space.

Clean the Windows Properly

This is an obvious yet the most crucial tip. A glass window collects dirt, grime, and debris from both ends – inside and outside the house. The windowpanes must be cleaned with a soft cloth and a top-quality glass cleaner. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust particles from within the casing, which often leads to jamming.
The glass window frames of different materials should be cleaned in the right way too. For wooden frames, avoid using wet material or fabric. Always wipe with a dry cloth as dampness can harm the wooden finishing and decay the frame prematurely.
In the case of aluminium and uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) frames, you may use a brush with soft bristles dipped in a gentle detergent and lukewarm water. Refrain from using any harsh tools or cloth as they can easily scrape the window and its parts.
Make it a habit to clean your glass window regularly to maintain its sparkle for ages. Clean windows allow more natural light, which is a guaranteed mood lifter.

Take Care of Lubrication

Your glass window can have various movable components such as handles, rollers, latches, hinges, tracks, locks, etc., which work most smoothly when appropriately lubricated. Appropriate lubrication protects the windows from getting stuck and jammed.
Before applying any lubricant to the hardware, clean any dirt or muck accumulated and clean it with a mild cleanser. Make sure you wipe it dry. Always use silicone-based lubricants for metal latches, rollers, and hinges. However, silicone sprays should not be used on plastic components. Furniture polish can be used in this case for unruffled functioning.
Avoid any abrasive or chemical solvents as they can damage the hardware in the long run. Lubrication is necessary to ensure that your glass window performs the function it’s intended to without hassles.

Pay Attention to Damaged Parts

Damaged windows ruin the aura of your healthy living space. Inspect your glass windows frequently to detect any physical damages early on. The earlier you notice the signs of deterioration, the more efficiently you will be able to maintain your windows.
Any splinters, holes, breakages, or cracks should be dealt with immediately to prevent further harm. This will save you effort, time as well as money. Broken glass panes can either be repaired or need to be replaced altogether. Also, check for smaller parts like screws to repair or replace if damaged.
In case a wooden portion of your glass window is rotting, you can fix it by merely removing the decomposing wood with a screwdriver and then refilling voids with putty. After it’s dried, smoothen with sandpaper and apply paint.

Ensure if the Sealing is Intact

Extreme weather conditions like snowfall, rainfall, and sunlight can also prove detrimental to your faithful glass window. Due to this, the rubber sealing gets affected, resulting in the formation of gaps around the window, which leads to air seeping in and out of your home.
Therefore, your home’s air-conditioning system will have to bear an extra workload to tackle this gain or loss of heat, thereby leading to high energy bills. You should fill the gaps with rubber-foam insulation or caulk for a quick fix. If the problem persists, you must replace any dead rubber seals.

Repaint Your Windows

If you have wooden-framed or metallic windows, painting them frequently can increase their longevity. With your house in an area getting heavy sunlight and high humidity, wooden windows’ paint begins to crack, chip away, and peel off more quickly.
Give your glass window an excellent water-based paint job to protect it from erosion and also enhance its appearance. Beautiful-looking windows make a soothing atmosphere for a healthy living space.

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