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15 Dec

5 Latest Indian Window Design Tips for First-Timers

Posted 7:19 am, December 15, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows
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Have you heard of the Jharoka?

An old Indian window design, exemplary of the Indian Medieval architecture, it was used to adorn the royal palaces. Exquisitely carved structures, such Jharokas were excellent sources of natural light and airflow, which in contemporary terms mean – a seamless blend of form and function. Clearly, the emphasis the old design was on the optimal use of space.

Fortunately, the tradition continues even today; because windows feature as prominently in the modern Indian homes as the traditional ones, if not more.

Today, windows have moved beyond the décor to accommodate the needs for ventilation, daylight, space, and energy efficiency. And at the same time, they have made ample room for style experimentation, and new aesthetics to thrive in the Indian homes.

Below, we examine five different ways you can choose the best windows for your new home.

Window Mechanism

When it comes to window styles, always choose function over form. Because the way your windows open and close influences various factors in your home – security, ventilation, space, and more. While some windows move up and down, some slide across the frame and others simply swing out.

Therefore, always choose a window mechanism which allows smooth operations and still serves your unique application needs.

For instance, Indian homes in tropical states can benefit immensely from slider windows, whose sashes slide across horizontal tracks, unlike conventional windows which open out. So, even when the wind currents are fierce, they will remain unharmed.

Ideal Window Material

Window materials have a lot of say in how your house looks and behaves when the weather outside turns unpleasant. Like if your zone receives rain around the year, you want to stay away from wooden windows, as they are quick to rot with excessive moisture and will need heavy maintenance.

Needless to say, you should always choose the window materials based on your climate zones. That way, you can also minimise the maintenance costs substantially.

Type of Window

To move beyond the décor and towards the make, you will notice how different window types have different mechanisms and serve different purposes, which ultimately impact the maintenance needs. Therefore, when you decide on the window types for your home, you want to be mindful of such factors to make a lucrative choice.

Fortunately, homeowners have no shortage of window choices today, some of which are mentioned below for your perusal:

Casement Windows

Dust and pollution are the primary concerns of most homeowners in India. However, to combat the problem efficiently, you can invest in casement windows, which have a hinged sash mechanism that seals tightly across the jamb and keep out the weather. These windows can shut out the foul emissions and facilitate healthy interiors effortlessly, so you suffer no pollution woes!

Bay Windows

Have a view you want to frame? Go for bay windows, which provide a seamless way to incorporate the outside elements in your interiors. Perfect for Indian homes located by the sea or on hills, these windows not only offer unobstructed views but let in streams of natural light to keep your interiors luminous. You only need a seat by the window to enjoy your sunsets and sunrises with leisure.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows, typically made with wood, are merely modern alternatives to traditional, wooden Indian window design with shutters. Only the slats (multiple horizontal panels) are now modelled with glass, wood, or fibreglass, but offer the same natural, efficient ventilation as back in the day.

Reflect Your Architectural Style

Visual harmony inspires positivity, not only from the onlookers but from the inside, as one looks out at the world outside.

Therefore, to maintain a lively visual interest, always match your window style with the architectural style of your home. Especially if you want to boost the overall curb appeal, make sure your windows are placed smartly, and in favour of your overall aesthetics.

Go for aluminium or uPVC profiles to achieve the clean lines for a sleek, minimalist look, or rock a mixed window style for those rustic undertones. Choose a window style which accentuates your homes’ architecture naturally.

Ventilation Needs

Your homes should have natural passages for optimal airflow. Guess what influences that? The size, placement, and orientation of your windows, which is why you need to pay due diligence when selecting the windows. Because when you decide the window type based on your ventilation needs, you can keep your indoors airy and lively, naturally.

Tip: choose a window type to match your room function. For example, in smaller spaces like bathrooms, you can use hopper windows which will match your need for ventilation and privacy to the T.

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