10 Advantages of uPVC Windows for Your Home

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Today, most properties are replacing their traditional windows with modern uPVC windows, since they offer a higher degree of durability and security. If you want to install windows that are not only high-quality and cost-effective but also provide great insulation from weather and pollution, then uPVC is the best investment for your home. 

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, a type of hard plastic material commonly used in windows and doors. The material is resistant to pollution, moisture, corrosion, and mould. This makes uPVC windows a longer lasting alternative to timber and aluminium windows.

These windows have a distinctly charming appearance, and are available in a variety of laminated hues. If you’re designing or renovating your home, choose uPVC windows for the many advantages they offer. The following is a list of 10 benefits of uPVC windows and what makes them the best option for designing contemporary living spaces.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

uPVC windows lend your spaces a premium, sleek look. uPVC windows are available in several types – sliding windows, side-hung, twin sash, etc. You can choose a design that will go perfectly with your interiors and colour schemes. Another great thing about these windows is that they are not available in limited shapes and styles, unlike wooden windows. At AIS Windows, we customize uPVC windows to suit your property and specifications.

2. Durable

These windows are the strongest and the most long-lasting, compared to other types. Unlike wooden windows, uPVC windows are not affected by extreme elements, such as fluctuating weather conditions. Given that their material is tough, they retain their original structure and remain intact under the pressures of weather. The uPVC coating is also protected from harmful UV rays which can cause materials to fade and wither due to prolonged sun exposure.

3. Termite-Free

Unlike many window types, uPVCs are completely termite-free. Neither do they foster other insects. Since they are synthetic, they’re also easy to clean.

4. Low Maintenance

Even though uPVC windows retain their strength and structure for a very long time, you don’t have to spend a fortune on their maintenance. uPVC is a low-maintenance material and cleaning it is easy and quick. All you need is a wet sponge and a few minutes and your window will shine bright.

uPVC windows don’t need varnishing, sanding, or repainting. Even the toughest of stains can be removed by scrubbing, with no damage to the material.

5. Recyclable

What makes UPVC windows special is that they can be recycled as much as up to 10 times. Their sturdiness and durability allows them to last for several decades.

6. Eco-Friendly

uPVC windows are the eco-friendliest since they easily last for 40-80 years. They’re made from recyclable materials that don’t harm the environment. They are also easy to remove and fix, consuming minimal energy in the process.

7. Great Insulation

uPVC windows provide great insulation from pollution, pollens, dust and the scorching heat. Unlike metals, uPVC is a non-conductor of heat, meaning it does not absorb the heat, keeping your spaces cool and comfortable. They are not only excellent all-weather insulators but also provide insulation from external sound, almost providing a noise-cancellation effect in your home.

8. Corrosion-Proof

The material used in uPVC windows makes them durable; uPVC does not chip or corrode. They last for years without peeling and drying out.

9. Safe

Since uPVC windows are airtight, they improve air and noise insulation in your house. They offer a good deal of security with their single or multi-point high-security locks that are attached to the window framing. They also have a strong layer of galvanized steel, making them very hard to break. With uPVC windows, you do not have to worry about thieves and burglars breaking into your property.

10. Proper Drainage System

These windows come with shutters that have in-built drainage systems. This prevents water from stagnating. The drainage system present inside the shutters and in the outer frame also prevents water spillage.

Another benefit of uPVC windows is that they feature a ‘Tilt and Turn’ configuration i.e., they open in two directions, allowing for maximum ventilation. All in all, these windows are not only pleasing to the eyes, eco-friendly and low maintenance, but they also ensure proper security in your homes. The best part is that these windows last longer than other metal and wooden types.

With three decades of expertise in making exceptional windows and frames, AIS Windows a leading UPVC windows manufacturer in India. Our durable and high-quality uPVC frames last for years, seamlessly blending with and securing your home.

Don’t wait any longer. Adorn your spaces with stylish and durable uPVC windows today!

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