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15 Aug

Types of House Windows to Choose From

Posted 12:21 pm, August 15, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: House Windows

Types of house windows

Windows usher in light and provide proper ventilation, making sure that your home is always fresh and bright. However, that is not the only function they have. The house windows play a crucial role in determining a room’s vibe and its overall visual appeal. Therefore, choosing the right window type is a critical decision that every homeowner must make only after thorough research.

When you are picking house windows, you’ll come across many types- some windows are easy to operate, some offer excellent airflow, and some are perfect for expansive views. Moreover, each window type has its signature look that can fit with a home’s decorative style. Thus, while decorating your home, it becomes critical to choose a window type that lets you use home space optimally, adds an aesthetic touch while enhancing functionality.

Given below are some of the types of house windows that you can choose from.

Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are known for their design simplicity and slick manoeuvrability. A sliding window consists of sashes that glide back and forth along a horizontal track, thus providing a sliding motion that allows the window to open and close. Depending on the variant and your preference, one or both window panes of a sliding window can be operable.

sliding window doesn’t have any pulleys or strings that need regular maintenance for proper operation. Since this window type only has few moving components, they are relatively low maintenance by design and don’t need routine upkeep. Due to their large openings and smooth operation, sliding windows can offer proper air circulation inside your home. This makes them an excellent option for your bathrooms. They can also help in ushering in copious amounts of natural light during the daytime. This will reduce your usage of artificial lights during the day, thereby allowing you to cut down on your electricity bills.

Sliding windows can be installed in areas where you want to experience an unobstructed outside view. As these windows don’t require space to open and offer excellent ventilation, you can also have them installed in the kitchen. The sliding window is aesthetically appealing, so you can also install them in your bedroom to give it a little oomph.

Fixed Windows 

Fixed windows or picture windows are non-operable windows, which is why they are the perfect choice for areas where airflow is not that important. These home windows are often large glass surfaces that occupy the centre portion of a wall, provide expansive views of the outdoors, and ushers in ample sunlight. If your home has a backyard or garden or has a view of a gorgeous cityscape, the best way to enjoy the view entirely is to opt for large fixed windows.

Typically, these house windows are installed at a height so that an ample amount of sunlight can enter the room. You can also install them in low-lit spaces, such as basements and garages, as they will encourage floodlit indoor spaces. As these house windows allow an abundant amount of sunshine inside, they can also help in saving electricity by reducing your usage of artificial light during the day. As the glass panes of these house windows are fixed, there is less chance of air leakage. Moreover, you can also opt for Low-E glass for these windows to make your home an energy-efficient zone.

Casement Windows 

Casements windows have been a part of Indian homes for some time now. These structures typically have hinges on the sides and can be opened inwards or outwards from one side only. These house windows are known to have large glass panes laced with proper framing. As casement windows can easily be opened and closed, they are perfect for your home’s ventilation needs.

Moreover, when casement windows are closed and locked, they have an effective seal which guarantees improved energy-efficiency. Casement windows can easily be installed in several places, such as the living room, bedroom, above the kitchen sink, etc.

French Windows

French windows are double-sash structures that open in the middle and can be designed to open both inwards and outwards. These house windows are built in the same way as a double-sash casement window. The window panels come fitted with handles that help the window to lock and unlock. Moreover, French windows come with a multi-point locking system, making it one of the most secure forms of windows.

Due to the increased amount of glass used in French windows, they can fill your home with heaps of natural light. When these windows are open, they allow for proper air circulation. By incorporating them in the kitchen, you can quickly air it out. Moreover, these windows allow a seamless connection between the outdoors and indoors. As these windows have a bigger opening than regular windows and lack vertical or horizontal crossbars, you can utilise them as a safety exit in case of disasters. Additionally, they can be used to transfer large objects.

If you want to install any of the window types mentioned above, turn to AIS Windows. Here you get said designs in three substrates- uPVC, aluminium, and wood.

UPVC Windows- 

UPVC windows are incredibly long-lasting as uPVC is a durable material and needs low maintenance. Moreover, uPVC is a fantastic insulator, which means that it doesn’t enable heat transfer through the window frames.  

Aluminium Windows- 

Aluminium is a low-density metal, due to which slim yet strong aluminium frames for windows can be constructed. Our aluminium windows don’t warp, peel, or flake easily. Furthermore, due to thermal-break technology, our aluminium windows offer excellent insulation.

Wooden Windows- 

Our wooden windows are made of high-quality Accoya wood. Our wooden window frames have excellent durability and are termite-resistant. Additionally, they are naturally insulating.

At AIS Windows, we follow international manufacturing standards to ensure high-quality products. We also offer 360-degree fenestration solutions, from the selection stage to after-sales support.

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