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21 Nov

Seven Signs It’s Time to Replace Windows for Your Home

Posted 5:30 am, November 21, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows ,Windows

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When was the last time you checked the condition of the windows in your home? It is a phenomenon that doesn’t happen very often, right? At most we end up ensuring cleanliness of the windows and that’s really where we stop. With home improvement projects being extremely time consuming, we often either forget or ignore the need to replace our windows for homes until and unless it becomes absolutely necessary to do so.

Windows play a huge role in improving your home’s appeal not only for others but most importantly for you and your family who inhabit it. If your windows are not up to the mark, or are rundown or damaged, then the overall comfort of your home gets disrupted. Replacing windows at the right moment and subsequently choosing the right windows for homes can improve your home’s aesthetics and most importantly, its functionality. But the crucial bit for all you homeowners is to identify the right time to get your windows replaced.

Given below are seven signs that will clearly indicate that it’s time to take the plunge into your window renovation plan.

Your Windows Frames are Damaged or Warped

If your window frames are soft, chipped or rotting then it means that your windows have likely gone beyond repair and they need to be replaced. Chipped or soft window frames are an indication of water infiltration and sometimes rot. Even if the windows are operable, its best to get your windows replaced as there is a good chance that they might start sagging altogether.

Your Windows having Difficulty Opening or Closing

Windows for homes that are rotting or broken can be difficult to use and you might have problems locking and unlocking them. Sometimes if the windows are not installed correctly then they develop balance issues which make it hard for you to close or open them. If you are unable to close, open or lock your windows properly, then you are putting your home in danger as windows are an important part in providing security to your home. Such windows ought to be replaced at the earliest.

You Notice Condensation Building Upon Your Windows

Not all condensation build-up is bad. But, if you see condensation between the two panes of glass in your windows then it is definitely a clear indication that your windows’ seals have started wearing off, allowing moisture to settle between the glass panes. The seals in your windows are crucial as once the seals completely wear off, the insulating gas which helps in making the windows energy-efficient is also gone.  If you do not get your windows replaced at this junction in time then your windows can become extremely leaky and cause you major inconvenience.

Your Energy Bills are high

Inefficient or worn-out windows for homes can have a major effect on your home’s temperature and can lead to high energy bills. This is because more heat is able to escape your home due to faulty windows causing you to use more of your cooling system during summers and heating systems during winters to compensate for the lack of cold and warmth respectively. This could lead to high energy bills and leave a strain in your pocket. In such a scenario, replacing the windows for home is the best choice. While replacing your windows, if you choose windows that are energy-efficient then it can further help in reducing your energy consumption.

You Notice Cracks in Your Window Pane

A cracked window pane allows air to leak in and out of your windows, making the temperature of your home fluctuate continuously. If you have noticed cracks in your window pane then it’s important for you to get your windows replaced on time.

You can Hear Outside Noise

Modern house-owners prefer to use windows for homes that can reduce the sound coming from the outside. This becomes a very important consideration if you live near a busy road. If you can clearly hear all the noise from the outdoors even when you are standing inside your home with the windows closed then it means that your windows are unable to provide you sufficient acoustic insulation. This could mean that the windows were either not sealed properly or were just poorly constructed. It could also mean that the windows have become old and are unable to serve their purpose. In order to enjoy tranquility in your living space, it is best to get soundproof windows for home.

Your Windows have a Worn-out Appearance

The most prominent feature of your home is your windows. If the colour of your window is fading or the material is chipping off or they are so old that they are unhinged from their latches then they take away from the appeal of your home and in such cases, it’s important for you to get them replaced. Along with giving consideration to the quality while replacing windows for homes, you must also give some thought to the design and make of the windows. This is important because windows have the ability to make your interiors comfortable as well as increase the aesthetics of your home.

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