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Maintenance of Aluminium

Posted 7:28 am, February 4, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category:

Both anodised and painted aluminium should be cleaned on a regular basis. For smaller towns and areas in the interior parts of the country that are not subjected to aggressive elements like air pollution or salty air, it is sufficient to clean the aluminium whenever you clean the glass. Warm water should be used with a dilute of a non-aggressive, non-acetous detergent without ammonia for cleaning the aluminium. Then you should thoroughly rinse the aluminium with clear water and dry using an absorbing cloth. In urban areas or areas near to the sea, the aluminium should be cleaned more often and more thoroughly. Areas that are not exposed to rainfall should be cleaned more frequently than other surfaces. If water and mild detergents are not enough to clean the aluminium fenestrations there are detergents that have been specially developed for aluminium surfaces. These detergents contain light abrasive elements and can be used with a synthetic cleaning cloth. In all cases it is important to completely rinse surfaces with clear water and dry them thoroughly, especially the corners and the bottom profile. In order to protect and increase the life cycle of the aluminium, it may be treated with a very thin clear
coat of water resistant film available.