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Window Design Tips for Indian Homes

Posted at 8:02 AM, July 11, 2023 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows
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Windows in our homes are the harbinger of pristine natural light and ventilation. They also hold the potential to transform the whole mood inside your home. Picking the right windows will make your abode warmer and cozier. Dig into this article to learn some tips to get the best uPVC window design for your residence.

Pick the Right Color and Size

If you are fortunate enough to live amidst scenic beauty, go for large windows to let your eyes soak in as much of the natural wonder as possible. Steer clear of small windows if you want to establish a connection with the natural world and enjoy a sense of openness. Large windows will also bring in natural light and minimize your dependence on electrical lighting. More natural light is good for your pocket as well as the environment.

The color of your windows is also an important consideration in improving the overall appearance of your home. You won’t be denied variety in terms of shades and tints while looking for window designs. Therefore, don’t shy away from putting some time into finding the right color for your windows as per your wall colors.

Focus on Privacy

Placing windows strategically can help you enjoy external views. But making the right choice is crucial to ensuring that the windows work well on the inside too. For instance, you should choose smaller windows for your bathroom to get adequate privacy. You might prefer frosted glasses for certain windows in your home over transparent ones.

Pick the Right Framing Material

The stability of your entire window system depends on the frame. Therefore, you should always consider a sturdy window frame material to increase the security of your windows. You will come across different frame materials like aluminum, vinyl, uPVC, and more.

While picking the window frame material, you must consider performance, durability, cost, aesthetic appeal, maintenance, and more. Moreover, it’s crucial for you to consider the climate in your area when picking the right window frame. In recent times, several homeowners have opted for the uPVC window design for its various benefits.

Check the Overall Appearance of Your Room

While picking the right window design, it’s crucial for you to consider the overall aesthetics of your room. Depending on the style of your room, you will be able to pick from a myriad of window designs. For instance, French windows might be an elegant choice for a room with Victorian aesthetics.

If your room flaunts a modern, minimalist vibe, sliding windows can be a great addition. Furthermore, sliding windows are ideal for rooms with small spaces. If the different rooms in your home have different themes, you can experiment with different types of windows for each of them.

Choose the Right Glazing

Aesthetics have a huge role to play when choosing the right uPVC window design. However, you shouldn’t forget to pick the right glazing functionalities. Nowadays, glasses come with different functionalities like toughness, energy efficiency, and noise cancellation.

At times, some of these functionalities can also be blended. For instance, you will find toughened glass which is also energy-efficient.

Parting Words

A unique uPVC window design can transform your entire space and make it more homely. If you are looking for the finest uPVC windows, AIS Windows will come to your rescue. Our experts will also help with the hassle-free installation of your windows. Give us a call now!

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