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5 Different Types of Windows Builders Use in 2019

Posted 10:18 am, September 16, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows

So, you have given your home a coherent aesthetic, complete with matching furniture, brilliant wallpaper, glossy wooden tables and an intricately designed bed-frame. Despite this, if the style of your windows is not carefully chosen, it can throw off the entire look of your house. Windows can make your home look vintage or modern, cosy or spacious, according to what you desire. Knowing what types of windows builders use in 2019 can be immensely helpful when deciding on the vibe that you want both the exterior and the interior of your home to reflect.

1. Slider Windows

These types of windows are quite common in contemporary homes. They are simple, but do not look hackneyed. They comprise of two horizontally-gliding window panes, one of which can slide over the other. You can either have one functional window or two, depending on your preference. They are easy to open and close but cannot be sealed tightly.

2. Casement Windows

These windows usually consist of two panes, one placed above and one below. They allow only the bottom pane to open by moving upwards while the upper one remains closed. If your room is facing a porch or a walkway, these types of windows are the ideal choice as they will not protrude into the porch.

3. French Windows

Similar to side hung windows, French windows also consist of two panes placed vertically above and below each other. In these types of windows, however, both the panes can be slid up or down. Despite their classic appeal, the increased efficiency in operation can make them vulnerable to intruders.

4. Picture Windows

These kinds of windows are large and stationary, used mostly to allow an abundant amount of sunshine to filter in. They can help in saving electricity as long as the sun is out. While they do not provide ventilation, they also prevent unwanted air leakages and are the least vulnerable to burglars since they cannot be opened.

5. Bay Windows

These types of windows allow an abundance of sunlight to flow into the room while also providing a good view of the outdoors. They curve outward like bow windows, but they boast only 3 openings as opposed to 4 to 6. They are more angular than a bow window as well, rendering them more suitable for contemporary homes.

When choosing a window, you should keep the overall feel that you are going for in mind. If you choose a window that does not go with the rest of your home, it may end up looking odd or misplaced.

Fortunately, AIS Windows provide end-to-end solutions for all your home design needs, from the window glass to the frame. We use the highest quality uPVC frames that have high durability and require practically no maintenance. Our windows provide insulation against heat and cold, security, safety, and beauty to your home. With AIS Windows, any aesthetic you choose for your home is now within your grasp.

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