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4 Areas to Install Aluminium Windows and Doors At Home

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About french windows

A popular choice for interior design, aluminium frames for windows and doors are highly preferred because of their durability and elegance. Over the years, homeowners have come to especially value aluminium windows and doors because of the blend of functionality and low maintenance they offer.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current door and window designs for a revamped sleek look, you’ll find plenty of aluminium window and door options to choose from. 

Revamp your interiors with aluminium windows and doors 

Aluminium windows and doors today are available in myriad hues and patterns. What lends them a great deal of versatility is the fact that they can be easily coated to achieve different looks and finishes.

No matter the shape or dimension of your fixtures, aluminium frames can be tailored to meet the specifications. Aluminium window and door designs can, thus, lift the overall character of a space and give it a distinctive allure.

Create a seamless ambience in your private spaces by installing aluminium windows and doors in these four key areas.  

#1 Front doors and entryway

Modern home entrances often feature sleek window and door designs that add beauty to the décor without consuming too much space. If you’re looking to achieve this effect, pick an aluminium French door for a stylish entrance to your property.

Especially if you have a lovely patio and a well-kept garden that you want a view of from your living room, an aluminium French door design will serve the purpose well. Because aluminium is a strong material, it is ideal for constructing large front doors that also secure your space adequately.

At AIS Windows, you can choose to customise aluminium door designs in different colours, looks, and finishes. Our offerings include aluminium door designs such as slide and fold doors, lift and slide doors, casement doors, tilt and slide doors, French doors, and sliding doors.

You will also find plenty of options when it comes to handles, multi-point, manual, and electronic locking systems.  

#2 Terraces and balconies

Your balcony may be your favourite spot in the house, but its entrance is seldom paid attention to. With the right aluminium door and window designs, you can significantly improve the aesthetics and functionality of this area.

If you have a balcony, terrace garden, or a roof terrace with ample scope for natural light to travel in and a beautiful view to wake up to, you can take your pick from sliding aluminium doors and windows, French doors, and casement windows.

These days, outdoor spaces have increasingly become an extension of our indoor spaces. Your home could use a seamless transition from your master bedroom, dining space, and kitchen to the balcony, patio, terrace, and garden areas.

A sliding aluminium door design will allow you to make the most of the space. Since most of the surface area will be covered with glass, it also makes for a thermally-efficient option. For well-lit rooms that invite in natural light, an aluminium window design with large glass panes would be perfect for your house. In fact, you can also brighten an otherwise dim and dilapidated balcony with the right design. 

#3 Stylish windows for the kitchen

The kitchen’s windows and doors often accumulate oil traces, dirt, and other pollutants. If frames are not corrosion-free, you’re looking at long-term damage. Widely preferred for their low maintenance and all-weather nature, aluminium window designs will need minimal effort to stay in shape and looking great.

Other than for their durability, aluminium casement and sliding windows are also preferred as they give your kitchen a modern look. These windows are available in several classic colours, including white, cream, silver, and black. Like casement windows, sliding, and tilt and turn styles can add a fresh touch to the home, but more traditional options such as sash windows, and transoms with unusual shapes can add a regal and historic vibe to your kitchen.

Aluminium windows placed above a certain height in your kitchen will define rooflines, and bring light into small corners of your kitchen without taking up the wall space meant for shelves and cupboards. Transoms, tilt and turn, and sash aluminium window design can draw attention to areas of the ceiling, offering a great view of the sky while ventilating your kitchen perfectly.

Bi-folding aluminium door design at the kitchen entrance, painted with colours suiting the kitchen and dining areas, can also give a smart look to the area. These folding aluminium windows and doors can be pushed back, opening up the entire area of the frame.

AIS Windows offers a range of aluminium windows and doors ensuring durability, no rotting, and absolute resistance against termites. From squares to circles and rectangles to arches, you can pick aluminium windows for your kitchen in all shapes and sizes at AIS Windows. 

#4 Luxurious restroom designs

Despite being one of the most utilitarian spaces in our homes, bathrooms don’t get the right kind of attention, even when plans to remodel the rest of the place are underway. But privacy, luxury, lighting, and ventilation are all important considerations for your restroom. With the right kind of aluminium doors and windows, you can have ample natural light in your restroom, livening up an otherwise dark space.

Single and double-hung aluminium framed windows placed higher up on the walls will not only let light in but will also maintain some much-needed privacy. With windows placed up high, you will have ample wall space to suit your needs.

Aluminium casement windows placed on the eye level can be paired with tainted glass panes, grids, and grills for proper ventilation and privacy. A large aluminium door design paired with sliding features at the face of the restroom can be an exciting addition to your space. Installing an aluminium French door will also spice up the tone of a master bath.

Insulated windows and doors can help conserve energy and provide greater comfort in extreme temperatures. Thus, choosing aluminium windows and doors can also help you save significantly on the energy bills. 

Enhance your home with the latest window and door designs

Aluminium French windows and doors

Increasing the artistic appeal of a room, aluminium French doors can be impressive additions to your home. For balconies and patios in your home, aluminium French doors from AIS Windows can be the perfect solution. Along with a large opening for a panoramic view of the outdoors, AIS Windows adds a touch of colonial architecture to the design. 

Aluminium casement window and door designs

If you are looking for a low maintenance and energy-efficient aluminium window design for your restroom and kitchen, casement windows will be the right pick. With AIS Windows you can get high-grade aluminium frames combined with standard British design. Find aluminium casement windows in a variety of shapes and sizes at AIS Windows.

Aluminium casement door designs are best suited for balcony and deck access. So, gone are the worries of rainwater seepage and dust pollution in the rooms, because with this aluminium door design you will get the best functionality for your home. 

Aluminium sliding windows and doors

Need to connect two open areas inside your home but facing space crunch? Use sliding doors like virtual walls and add elegance to the interior of your home setups. Suited for balconies, villas, and luxury bungalows, this aluminium door design by AIS Windows will open up space in your rooms and keep you secure with multiple locking points on the seamless doors.

Aluminium sliding windows, provide an attractive appearance on the exterior of your home and look best on outdoor patios and covered porches. With AIS Windows, the aluminium window design will give you a durable structure while adding a plush element to your rooms. 

Whether your house is a traditionally designed or adorned with modern décor, aluminium window design frames and doors are an excellent addition to enhance its beauty. Aluminium windows and doors are available in a wide range of finishing, ensuring a perfect match with any type of décor. Equipped with a powder coating finish, they don’t require repainting.

Practical in rainy, humid climates, and ideal in coastal areas, aluminium windows and doors are a great investment to give your place a minimalistic touch and they can make a huge difference in the way it looks and feels. Your guests will be greeted by aluminium windows and doors that frame the view with windows stretching from your first step in the front gate, all the way out to the balconies and restrooms.

These are just a handful of ways in which aluminium windows and doors can be installed in your homes.

At AIS windows, we ensure that our aluminium doors and windows transform your living spaces into more comfortable, efficient, and safer ones.

We understand how choosing the right window and door frame is important, and to help with the difficult choice, our team of professionals is fully equipped to help you in the selection, installation, and after-sales support. Get in touch with us today and renovate your home with the smart look of aluminium windows and doors.

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