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Why You Should Consider Switching Over to uPVC Windows

Posted 11:14 am, November 3, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

Advantages of upvc windows for home

There was a time when not many choices with regards to home construction and renovation were available for interior designers and homeowners alike. Not in terms of functionality and certainly not in terms of aesthetics. By and by, the world of architecture and interior designing has been shaped to include more and more options to the extent that customers of today can become dazzled by their abundance. Out of the many best-selling options circulating in the home designing space, one material has won over many hearts despite its juvenility – uPVC. Unplaticised PolyVinyl Chloride or uPVC has become an increasingly popular material in window frames owing to its durability, versatility, and sustainability.

Here are the reasons why you need to switch to uPVC windows.

Easy to Maintain

uPVC windows are very easy to maintain. They need light cleaning and can easily be cleaned using a mild window cleaning agent and clean damp cloth. Because of their smooth surface, an occasional wipe gets the job done. They don’t require yearly or monthly sanding or varnishing or painting. In addition to this, they are also termite-resistant saving you additional maintenance headache.


uPVC windows have incredible insulation properties. They will keep your home cool in the summers and warm during winters. As they have good potential to save energy, they are perfect for both small apartments as well as big houses. The low conductivity of the material itself coupled with the tight seal of the windows makes room for double, even triple glazing making uPVC windows an excellent choice when it comes to energy-efficiency.

Exceptionally Durable

Along with easy maintenance, it is important for your windows to be durable. uPVC windows are highly durable in addition to being low-maintenance and functional. Whether it is temperature or aging, uPVC remains unaffected. It has a long life and can remain the same for years. You don’t have to worry about the appearance as their appearances and other features do not alter even if you use them for years. It is because of uPVC’s exceptional durability that you should choose to invest in it.

Offers Another Level of Security

uPVC windows are made with an extremely strong coating layer of galvanized steel making it hard for someone to break them. You do not have to fear about robbers or thieves breaking into your house as uPVC windows render optimal security to your home.

Moreover, as uPVC is a flame retardant material, uPVC windows are self-extinguishable. Meaning, in case of fire accidents, uPVC windows will stop the fire from spreading across an enclosed area. This makes uPVC windows fire-resistant and also the safest option for your home.


uPVC windows make use of a double seal system that works to block outside noise and keep the interior of your home noise-proof. By blocking the outside noise and restricting the indoor noise within your house, uPVC windows lets you enjoy complete privacy. uPVC windows become the convenient choice especially if your house is located near a busy road or a market place as you can carry on with your unhindered by the noise and distraction from the vicinity.


uPVC windows have the capacity to withstand wind pressure without being affected by it. This comes in handy especially if your house is located near the sea or is situated in an area that is prone to strong gushes of wind and heavy rainfall. Even after coming in contact with heavy rainfall or strong winds, the condition of uPVC windows remains intact for years.


To manufacture uPVC, natural resources are not required.  uPVC is also recyclable and is lead-free which makes uPVC windows environment-friendly. They also aid in upholding the ecological balance as they use less amount of energy which is why switching to uPVC windows is an environment-conscious decision.

The above-mentioned reasons clearly prove why uPVC windows are the right pick for the construction and renovation of your home.

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