Tips to Take Proper Care of uPVC Doors and Windows

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When it comes to staples in the fenestration industry, uPVC and glass make the best of pairs. Owing to their high durability quotient, uPVC doors and windows are low-maintenance and do not ask for much. That being said, this does not mean that regular maintenance is not required at all. In fact, regularly taking a few steps towards maintaining UPVC doors and windows will go a long way in extending their life. Here are a few tried-and-trusted tips using which you can easily breathe new life into your uPVC doors and windows from time to time.

Remove Dirt and Debris

You should make sure that you get rid of any dirt or debris that builds up or gets stuck in the alcoves and gaps of the window frame. No matter what type of window, you should clean them properly, preferably with a soft brush to reduce the chances of scratches or damage. To avoid condensation from building up on the glass panes, you should also clear the debris from the drainage slots between the external sill and the bottom of the window.

Clean using Warm Soapy Water

When you are carrying out your routine cleaning, make sure to wipe your uPVC doors and windows with warm soapy water. This is because uPVC is a sensitive material and it doesn’t gel well with many cleaning solvents and cream cleaners. Products like solvents, cream cleaners, bleach, etc. are abrasive and can end up damaging the glossy finish and the surface of your uPVC doors and windows. Even after cleaning, if the doors and the windows are still dirty and are covered with smears or stubborn marks then you can use a uPVC cleaner. Before using a cleaning agent, it is always better to check with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Use a Wipe

Routine cleaning of uPVC doors and windows is important but it is also crucial to pay attention to what you are using to clean them with. The cloth or wipe that you decide to use must be soft and smooth. Do not put excessive pressure on the doors and windows and try to be as gentle as possible while cleaning. Refrain from using newspapers or scouring pads to clean your uPVC doors and windows as they can scratch the surface and leave marks.

Clean the External and the Internal Glass

To make sure that your uPVC doors and windows are in their best shape, make sure to clean the internal as well as the external glass. Spray glass-cleaner liquid and then wipe the internal glass with a clean cloth until the glass-cleaner liquid has been completely wiped off then buff the glass until dry and polished perfectly. Do the same for the external glass as well.

Keep a Check on Your Blinds

If you are thinking about installing or have installed blinds or curtains then make sure to leave at least a 15mm space between the window and the blinds. This will provide airflow otherwise there is a chance of mildew or mould build-up.

Regular Check-up

One of the important things that you can do to take proper care of uPVC doors and windows is to keep a check on their condition. The locking points and hinges of the uPVC doors must be checked from time to time so that you can make sure that they haven’t become stiff. If you find them stiff then they should be lubricated. You should also ensure that the metal segments, pivots; essentially all moving parts of your uPVC doors and windows are greased twice a year. Regular removal of dirt and occasional lubrication of hardware can ensure that your uPVC doors and windows continue working properly for a long time.

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