Frequently Asked Questions

From being highly durable and weatherproof to offering thermal insulation and adding aesthetic finesse to your home, AIS Windows provide a wide range of products and solutions, including uPVC and aluminium doors windows, safety and security doors windows solutions, anti-pollution, acoustic and energy-efficient doors windows solutions. Below, you will find some frequently asked questions to answer most of your questions regarding maintenance, material, size, etc.

Why reinforcement is not welded or connected at the corners?
Why reinforcement is needed in the uPVC windows?
How much high temp. AIS profile can withstand? What is the melting point of uPVC before a window will give away?
How are AIS profile systems (shapes etc) better than others?
What is meant by ‘U’ in PVC-U windows ?
What is the uPVC Compound composition? Chemical names of the Micro Additives like uv stabilizer & others? What is the percentage of each of these additives in uPVC?
How is AIS uPVC better than others?
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