Frequently Asked Questions

From being highly durable and weatherproof to offering thermal insulation and adding aesthetic finesse to your home, AIS Windows provide a wide range of products and solutions, including uPVC and aluminium doors windows, safety and security doors windows solutions, anti-pollution, acoustic and energy-efficient doors windows solutions. Below, you will find some frequently asked questions to answer most of your questions regarding maintenance, material, size, etc.

Which type of window & glass should be used for good sound insulation?
Where should we ideally use DGU/ IGU?
Does Double glazed glass provide good acoustic insulation?
What is meant by DGU / IGU glass ?
Is there any difference between gasket supplied by AIS & Local supplier like Osaka Rubber, ASP, ALP etc.?
What is EPDM?
How is the window fixing strength determined? Is there a test possible to analyse the fixing strength of an installed window?
What is std fixing detail of uPVC window? Its a myth that sealant looses its adhesion with pVC as the two are not compatible materials – is it true?
What are the other material options apart from the uPVC infil panels?
Can plywood panels be used in uPVC door sashes instead of glass?
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