Frequently Asked Questions

From being highly durable and weatherproof to offering thermal insulation and adding aesthetic finesse to your home, AIS Windows provide a wide range of products and solutions, including uPVC and aluminium doors windows, safety and security doors windows solutions, anti-pollution, acoustic and energy-efficient doors windows solutions. Below, you will find some frequently asked questions to answer most of your questions regarding maintenance, material, size, etc.

Are painted profiles / windows possible?
Why there is no Fly mesh System in uPVC casement windows?
What is the difference between fire proof & fire retardant properties?
Is AIS uPVC resistant to mice / rodents etc? If not, what are the precautionary measures?
Why a groove is needed at the cleaned corner of a window? Cant one have a slim line joint?
Is uPVC Dust resistance also?
Is your uPVC acid resistant – Suitable for Pharma industries?
Energy Saving & Sound Insulation: How is uPVC affecting these factors when in most of the windows or doors the max surface area is glass?
How the excessive hear retention in profiles affects the functioning of a window when we have the reinforcement in all profiles?
Reinforcement has a possibility of rusting over a period of time, especially in humid coastal areas like Mumbai, Chennai etc.
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