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About AIS Windows

The Indian fenestration market has been growing steadily since the last decade. We, at AIS windows, are a part of India’s infrastructure growth story. We are proud to be the only supplier of all the three fenestration substrates namely uPVC, Wood and Aluminium frames and also the leading glass manufacturers in India. Our specialty lies in bringing you various unique and customizable products in different categories.

AIS Windows has a comprehensive range of high-performance doors and window solutions.

Every establishment, be it residential or commercial, needs appropriate ventilation, and it has to be executed aesthetically. Multiple vendors who provide necessary services may not be the best option given the magnitude of construction projects. With the customizable solution, we make sure that every requirement of the client is fulfilled.

Being the largest doors and windows manufacturers in India, we at AIS Glass believe in providing end to end service to all our customers. Design is paramount for any construction, be it residential , office or retail space. Along with design, it is the feel of the space which makes the difference. Aesthetics plays a vital role in making a house feel like home. Here is where we play our part in being one of the best doors and windows providers in uPVC, Wood and Aluminium.

Our products are congruent with the design of the space and offer solutions, which are compliant with acoustic requirement, are anti-pollution and energy efficient.

If you are looking at state of the art solutions for your doors and windows requirement, AIS windows is the high performing customizable solution for you.

Create a perfect blend of Design, Aesthetics, and Lifestyle with window solutions from AIS Windows.

About AIS

Established in 1984, AIS is India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer of all types of glass and a dominant player in the automotive and architectural glass value chains.
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