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Ventilation Window

Offering the best of optimal lighting and proper air circulation, AIS Windows’ range of ventilation windows can transform any space from gloomy to happy. Myriads of window styles, sizes, framing options, and colours allow you to customise your ventilation windows exactly the way you want.


Features and Benefits

  • Maintains cooler interior temperatures free from high humidity levels
  • Reduces energy consumption, thereby utility bills
  • Rids buildings from excessive moisture, thus, mould and mildew
  • Maintains good internal air quality by allowing undesirable smells and fumes to escape
  • Some variants even protect against the elements – wind, dust, snow, and rain
  • Ventilation windows also allow sufficient natural light to invade the spaces
  • Proper ventilation reduces health risks such as asthma, allergies and headaches



  • Residential Buildings
  • Offices
  • Commercial Enclaves
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Institutions


Best Window Styles for Ventilation

AIS Windows offers the following styles that work great as ventilation windows

Bay Windows

AIS Windows’ bay windows are projection windows, comprising one larger fixed pane flanked by two smaller, operable windows. Available in a variety of variants such as the box bay, bow bay, oriel bay, etc., these windows will allow air flow from two directions and as such offer superior ventilation.

However, these heavy units need optimal structural support and space.


Casement Windows

Hinged on one side and typically swung open by pushing the sashes outwards, casement windows also serve as excellent ventilation windows as their crank-style helps you to control the airflow.

You can open a little and crank them for a light breeze or you can open them wide for maximum air circulation.


Sliding Windows

For those with limited space, sliding ventilation windows are the ideal way to not compromise on air circulation. Available in two main variants – one operable slider gliding over one fixed slider or two operable sliders sliding against each other – these windows allow ample fresh air and light to invade the interiors.


Available Frame Options

  • uPVC
  • Aluminium