Aluminium French Door
AIS Aluminium French doors being hinged at the sides, can be designed to open either inward or outward, based on your requirement. They increase the design aesthetic and look wonderful by bringing in a touch of Colonial architectural design. French doors are the most secure form of doors as there is only one opening handle from inside, hence providing security to the home. If there are balconies and patios in the house, then AIS Aluminium french doors are the perfect solutions for the same.



  • Bigger opening as compared to regular windows
  • Better security feature
  • One can use single glazing, double glazing or triple glazing as per the requirements.
  • Provides energy efficient and noise cancellation solutions
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Key Facts of Aluminium French Door

  • 2700

  • mm

    Construction Depth

  • 7.0

  • W/m²K


  • 43.0

  • dB

    Sound Reduction

  • 42-50

  • mm

    Max. Infill

  • up to 42

  • mm

    Max. Height

  • 1800

  • mm

    Max. Width

* Products key facts are given considering standard specifications. These specifications will change basis each site requirements.


AIS Aluminium French doors are made of two door panels that can be swung open either
inward or outward, based on your requirement. They increase the design aesthetic and look
wonderful by bringing in a touch of colonial architectural design.

Yes, Absolutely! Aluminium French doors are the most secure as there is only one opening handle from inside, thereby providing maximum security to the home. This is due to the
inherent strength of aluminium, which is supplemented with extra security accessories and
locking mechanisms to increase the profile’s protectiveness further.

Aluminium French Patio Doors are hinged on the side and swing open and closed. The
Aluminium French Patio Doors doors make a dramatic statement and add excellent ventilation as they are designed to open into a room or onto a patio. They allow abundant natural light into your home and typically feature stylish grilles.

Yes, Absolutely! Aluminium French Doors are highly durable due to their robust structural integrity. It has high mechanical strength and doesn’t fall prey to termites, bugs, and corrosion,
so your doors are intact in strength and look for a longer duration of time. Generally, external
aluminium french doors last for decades.

Aluminum French doors have a few advantages over their counterparts. Some of the unbeatable benefits of installing Aluminium French Doors are as follows:

  • Aluminium does not corrode quickly, is not prone to leaks, and does not warp or expand when exposed to moisture.
  • The best Aluminium French doors are quieter than conventional metal doors.
  • While aluminium French doors are lightweight, they are nearly as sturdy as heavier metal elements.
  • Aluminum French doors are visually appealing & highly functional. They may complement both old and modern homes.

Yes, the aluminium French Doors cost is generally higher than uPVC variants. However, the plethora of benefits justifies the pricing. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio, thereby securing itself against harsh weather.
  • Its tensile strength makes it a go-to material for optimum privacy, personalization of design, and ergonomics.

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I appreciate the quality, the manufacturing material, and professionalism of team AIS Windows for the fantastic job they have done in my newly built house. My primary purpose was to maintain privacy in my house and the high-quality privacy windows from AIS Windows have proved to be an ideal solution for the same. Great job, awesome products overall!

Manak Guleria, Bulandshahar, U.P.