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Safety and Security Windows Solution
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Nowadays, security is a prime concern for all and there’s no other place you can feel safest other than your home.

And, no home can be considered complete without residential security windows as they facilitate the entry of natural light inside and enable the occupants to enjoy the outside views. Apart from it, security glass windows for homes also keep the home secured, cross-ventilated, and when installed appropriately, they never make any home look gloomy and stuffy.

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of a home, the role of windows can never be underestimated. It is because windows are considered the weakest point of any house and statistics reveal that 33% of home burglaries are committed after gaining entry through any window on the first floor, whereas 44% of burglars ensure their access through the front door.

So keeping in view the safety concerns associated mainly with the windows in the house, you must go for high-quality security glass windows for homes manufactured using specially engineered glass – the most preferred décor construction material of today.

Gone are the days when windows made of glass used to be the agent of only beauty, sophistication, and elegance. Today, windows security solutions have become an epitome of both security and aesthetics because of the constant technological devisal in the field of fenestration. Tinted glass, tempered glass, and solar control glass are high-performance glasses comprehensively used for producing residential security windows.

AIS Stronglas: A Material Par Excellence for Home Security Windows

At AIS Windows, we are 100% committed to foolproof your window safety by providing you with a wide range of the safest windows for home made with premium quality glasses. These include tempered safety glass, PVB laminated glass, and heat-toughened safety glass. These safety glass windows ensure both injury-free interiors and impregnable security to your windows’ frameworks.

The range of glasses that we offer is impact-resistant, making it harder for burglars to break in even using a heavy object. And, even if the burglars break the glass, it does not fall apart. AIS window safety solutions are several times stronger and more durable than ordinary glass windows.

AIS Stronglas is 4-5 times tougher than annealed glass. The laminated glass provides you with ultimate security when installed with hardware and accessories such as anti-rattlers, cavity blocks, sealing wedges, and raiser blocks - the enhancer of the safety and security in aluminium security windows, and security sliding windows.


Key Features

  • UV Protection
  • AIS Stronglals™ in an unlikely case of breakage - breaks into small blunt pieces, which avoids injuries
  • AIS Securityglas™ doesn’t shatter, even when broken under enormous impact/stress.


  • Security glass window makes your homes and assets safe from burglars and intruders
  • Unmatched impact resistance
  • Reduces the risk of impact-induced breakage
  • Durable and reliable.

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Safety and Security Windows Solution is very good experience.

Ajit, Agra, U.P.

I got very good experience in using Safety and Security Windows Solution.

Neha, Ghaziabad, U.P.