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Safety and Security Windows Solutions
Nowadays, security is a prime concern for all and there’s no other place you can feel safest other than your home.
Safety and Security Windows Solutions


AIS Windows offers a comprehensive range of safety glass windows manufactured using specially engineered safety glasses such as tempered safety glass, PVB laminated glass, and heat-toughened safety glass that provide your home with undaunted safety. When it comes to protecting your family members and assets, your home security should never be compromised, and no one can ensure it better than AIS Windows. The installation is carried out flawlessly by the expert installers, and post-installation services are also assured as and when needed.

The high-quality safety and security windows provided by AIS Windows not only facilitate the entry of natural light inside but also let the occupants have views of the outside. Besides, these innovative window solutions keep the home secured, properly cross-ventilated. As for appearance, these high-quality windows make your home pleasant in terms of look and feel. Once installed, you can stay worry-free of the security of your dear ones and your hard-earned assets. Just give a call to AIS Windows today!

Safety glass windows play the most important role when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of a home. It is because windows are considered to be the weakest point of any structure for intruders. Various studies reveal that around 33% of home burglaries take place through windows, particularly those on the first floor. So keeping in view the safety concerns associated particularly with the windows, you must go for high-quality security glass windows produced using specially engineered glass.

Being one of the top manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of high-quality home security windows, AIS Windows offers security window solutions with features such as UV Protection, the unbreakable AIS Stronglas and the ability to give a tough fight to the burglars. Even when the glass using which these windows are made of breaks in case of huge impact/stress, it shatters ensuring an injury-free experience. AIS window safety solutions are several times stronger and more durable than ordinary glass windows.

AIS Stronglas is a marvel of technology and is 4-5 times tougher than annealed glass. When used to produce the home security windows, it provides you with ultimate security when installed with hardware and accessories like an anti- rattler, cavity blocks, multipoint locking – the enhancer of the safety and security in aluminium security windows, and security sliding windows. And, even when the burglars manage to break the glass, it does not fall apart making them move towards easier targets.

There are several benefits of installing safety and security windows provided by AIS Windows. These security glass windows make your homes and assets safe from burglars and intruders, offer unmatched impact resistance, reduce the risk of impact-induced breakages, and are equipped with unmatched performance ability. Each product manufactured and supplied by the company comes with unmatched craftsmanship and the use of new-age technology. To explore the variants, you can explore the website of the company.

Nowadays, nothing matters more than the security of your home, and there’s no other place you can feel safest other than your home. Keeping in view the sophisticated ways today’s burglars are adopting to committing crimes, no home can be considered complete without the installation of high-quality security windows. The innovative material these windows are made of is not burglar-friendly at all. With these windows in place, you will enjoy complete peace of mind concerning the security of your loved ones as well as your assets.

As far as some additional benefits of windows security solutions offered by AIS Windows are concerned, they enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, facilitate the entry of natural light, take care of proper cross-ventilation, and increase the value of your property. Some people have a wrong notion of security windows. They think that these windows are stronger and sturdier but in terms of look and feel, they can’t create any magic at all. The reality is completely different. These windows manufactured by AIS Windows are more sophisticated than regular windows in terms of overall décor appeal.

Offering a comprehensive range of fenestration products, AIS Windows is one of the most respected and trusted brands in India. The company makes use of premium quality innovative glasses to produce each of its security glass windows for homes while following stringent quality parameters. Right from choosing the raw materials to manufacturing and assembling, each aspect related to quality, durability, and reliability is well taken care of. The perfect mix of raw materials and technical expertise always goes into making the perfect windows security solutions.

Whether you need standard or customized residential security windows, AIS Windows is a one-stop destination that can meet all your needs. The company has got in-depth knowledge and expertise in glass to produce customized safety and security windows that will not only stand out in style but also in security. You can get in touch with AIS Windows and after a primary conversation, the company representatives will get in touch with you in person. They will visit the site where the products are to be installed and then suggest the most suitable and appropriate security solutions to you.

No, we don’t rely upon any third party when it comes to executing the installation process of the security glass windows for homes. We take complete ownership of the installation process by ensuring that our team of experts evaluates the site location and installs the products flawlessly. Once you handover the job to us, you no longer need to chase multiple vendors like carpenters and fabricators to install the right windows. We work to make a customer for a lifetime and are committed to meet all their needs under a single umbrella.

Be it aluminium window security solutions or any other variant, you can stay assured that whatever variant of safety and security windows you choose to install in your home will complement your interior décor for sure. Each and every variant has been engineered keeping in view the ultimate purpose of these windows as well as the décor appeal of the highest order. Our capabilities in the R&D area help us stay in sync with all the popular trends and the personnel deployed here are always engrossed in making continuous improvements in all the existing and upcoming products.

AIS Windows as one of the Strategic Business Units of AIS – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer that came into existence in the year 1984 to achieve new milestones year after year. AIS Windows provides end-to-end solutions that include manufacturing of glass, processing, fabrication, and installation services, all under one roof. The company is well-known as a sand-to-solutions organization that offers a comprehensive range of glass products and services including the best aluminium window security solutions. You can explore more details on the website.

The wide range of safety and security window solutions provided by AIS Windows can be installed in all types of structures right from homes, offices, educational institutions, industrial units, hospitals, and many more. The company has decades of experience delivering exceptional quality safety and security windows, helping its customers in choosing glass and frame, and deciding on the right kind of complementing décor components. The company has established itself as the most reliable, dependable, and trustworthy partner in the field of fenestration.

The AIS Stronglas, which is 4-5 times tougher than annealed glass, is what makes our safest windows for home foolproof. When installed with hardware and accessories including anti- rattler, cavity blocks, our window safety solutions provide you with unquestionable foolproof safety. We are 100% committed to foolproof your window safety by using premium quality glasses that include tempered safety glass, PVB laminated glass, and heat-toughened safety glass. You can explore more features and attributes on our website.

Be it safety and security windows or any other solutions, at AIS Windows, we have dedicated in-house teams for attending to complaints/feedback, and after-sales support related calls. What you need to do is just dial our toll-free helpline for assistance. We believe in executing everything with a first-time-right philosophy transferring all the benefits to our customers in the form of deliveries par excellence. However, we are always proactive in extending all possible help to you as and when needed.

At AIS Windows, the reputation that we have built over the years is the result of the variety in our entire range of products including safety and security windows. You can choose from a comprehensive range of unrivaled array of glasses, a variety of frames, and a vivid range of elegant shades. Each variant of the safest windows for home would be all-weather-resistant, impact-resistant, dust-and smog-resistant, maintenance-free, and long-lasting. For more details on choices, you can explore our website and also download specific brochures.

No, as a customer, you don’t need to be involved in anything other than the consultation session. Once things are finalized, you can leave everything to us. The team will take on the safety and security windows installation job on its own keeping in view all aspects right from daily cleaning of the site to taking care of their tools and equipment. You can just focus on your job or business or whatever you do without any second thought. Just, give us a call right away.

AIS Windows is well-known as the top manufacturer of high-quality safety and security windows in India. The material the company uses to produce its entire range of security windows is not easily breakable. But in case the glass happens to break under heavy impact-induced circumstances, it only shatters in tiny harmless pieces ensuring no injuries at all. Hence, you need to stay worry-free when it comes to the breaking incident of glass in your standard or aluminum security windows.

We, at AIS Windows, as one of India’s top manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality safety and security windows boast of having a vibrant product portfolio. It includes sliding windows, aluminium windows, uPVC windows, wooden windows, French windows, and folding windows. Each product is stylishly designed and manufactured to ensure unmatched durability and a regal aesthetic finish. You can explore all variants on our website. Give us a call right today to beef up your security with style and elegance.


Key Features

  • UV Protection
  • AIS Stronglals™ in an unlikely case of breakage - breaks into small blunt pieces, which avoids injuries
  • AIS Securityglas™ doesn’t shatter, even when broken under enormous impact/stress.


  • Security glass window makes your homes and assets safe from burglars and intruders
  • Unmatched impact resistance
  • Reduces the risk of impact-induced breakage
  • Durable and reliable.

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Safety and Security Windows Solution is very good experience.

Ajit, Agra, U.P.

I got very good experience in using Safety and Security Windows Solution.

Neha, Ghaziabad, U.P.