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Be it a home or place of business, there are always moments when you need some privacy with nobody gazing or glancing at you.

Privacy is your right to exercise the freedom that gives you the privilege of keeping certain things private. In the modern age where digital technology is breaking all the barriers, lack of privacy in the absence of privacy glass window solutions can cause different types of potential threats. And, when it comes to ensuring your privacy in homes, nothing matters more than privacy glass windows.

Smart windows are the best mediums not only to ensure the privacy of your spaces but also to allow sufficient natural light to enter your spaces without any obstruction.

AIS Swytchglas – Ideal for Spaces Where Privacy Matters

The revolutionary AIS Swytchglas also known as smart glass switches from transparent to translucent and vice-versa just with the press of a button. We use this glass to produce smart glass windows that can allow you to choose between transparency and privacy through a remote control device. All the privacy windows and smart home windows made using AIS Swytchglas also deliver utmost protection from forced entry when used along with our safety and security solutions.

Manufactured using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology, AIS Swytchglas provides privacy on demand in all switchable privacy glass windows. Apart from it, the glass with integrated blinds brings blinds and glass into one single integrated unit with remote control option. With availability in manual, magnetic, and remote-controlled functioning, the glass integrated blinds are 100% water and dustproof and need no maintenance at all.

With the PDLC technology, a quick transformation in the glass from transparent to opaque occurs almost effortlessly. It takes just a flip of a switch, a tap of an app, or even the wave of a hand to ensure the desired privacy through switchable glass windows.

Be it a window privacy screen or smart aluminium windows, the appropriate installation plays a pivotal role. An expert service proposition complements our comprehensive product offerings. From site survey, design consultation, customization, and installation to post-installation support, our trained professionals are with you every step of the way.

So, whether you need privacy at home or workplace, just get in touch with us. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive survey of your site, provide you with fully customized privacy glass window solutions as per your specific needs, and install them within a predetermined timeframe. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about any concerns even after the installation as our post-installation support is also unmatched.


Key Features

  • Ensure privacy as and when required
  • Can be operated with remote and manual control
  • Eliminate the use of curtains and blinds
  • Greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space.


  • Doors and Windows
  • Conference Rooms, and Reception Areas
  • Changing Rooms
  • Projection Displays
  • ICU Doors, and Nurseries
  • Ballistic Teller Lines
  • Transaction Windows, and
  • Safe Deposit Rooms.

Frame Options to Choose from

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Privacy Windows Solution is very good experience.

Ranjit, New Delhi, Delhi

I got very good experience in using Privacy Windows Solution.

Ravi, Noida, U.P.