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The world today is plagued with types of pollutants and pollutions. The most rampant one among them is noise pollution. Noise pollution can be defined as undesirable and displeasing sounds that disturb the peace of mind of human beings.
Some of the leading causes of noise pollution include industrialization, poor urban planning, social events, transportation, construction activities, household chores, and air traffic. Opting for sound proof doors also known as noise canceling door is a proven idea to combat the challenge of noise intrusion.

Those who are constantly exposed to noise pollution for an extended period start developing various health issues such as hearing loss, psychological and physical problems, cognitive issues and behavioral changes, sleep disorders, cardiovascular issues, and troubles in communication.

Soundproof doors are designed and produced to ensure the highest degree of sound insulation for a calm, serene, and peaceful environment in homes, offices, and various other places. When installed with special noise-cancelling laminated glasses, these noise-cancelling interior doors can reduce sound intrusion by up to 42 decibels.  

Sound Reducing Interior Doors from AIS Windows: A Panacea for Noise Intrusion

Be it sliding acoustic panels, best soundproof exterior doors, soundproof aluminum door, or acoustic sliding doors, all the door noise reduction solutions that we offer are made of two major components that include frame and glass. Each product has been designed innovatively keeping in view the requirements of unwanted noise cancellation. 

To produce soundproof french doors and soundproof internal door, we use premium quality laminated glass which contains two panes of glass put together by a special PVB interlayer that acts as an effective and efficient noise-blocking agent in all acoustic folding doors, soundproof balcony door, and soundproof wooden sliding door. 

The revolutionary acoustic glass that we use to produce acoustic wooden doors, acoustic glass doors, acoustic sliding door, acoustic sliding glass doors, acoustic soundproof door, and soundproof front door is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to empower you to enjoy peaceful indoors. 

Just get in touch with us for the most competitive acoustic doors prices choosing from the variants listed below:

  • Acoustics door
  • Soundproof glass door
  • Soundproof sliding door
  • Soundproof wooden door
  • Noise proof door
  • Soundproof sliding glass door
  • Soundproof interior door
  • Soundproof door design
  • Acoustic wood doors
  • Best door for soundproofing
  • Soundproof folding doors


Key Features

  • Filters out external noise by up to 42 decibels
  • Offers better safety when compared to tempered and annealed glass
  • Difficult to break-in because of the inner PVB layer
  • Keeps the temperature inside spaces at optimum levels
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Allows you to experience better sleep and an enhanced well-being
  • Keep pollutants at bay and enhances air quality since they are air-tight
  • Energy-efficient as they control fluctuation in temperature
  • Maintains peacefulness in your spaces


  • Recording studios
  • Classrooms
  • Music Room
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Office Cabins and Conference Rooms
  • Residential Buildings, and
  • Other noise-sensitive structures

Frame Options to Choose from