Acoustic Doors Solutions
Opting for sound proof doors also known as noise canceling door is a proven idea to combat the challenge of noise intrusion. The world today is plagued with types of pollutants and pollutions. The most rampant one among them is noise pollution. Noise pollution can be defined as undesirable and displeasing sounds that disturb the peace of mind of human beings.

Some of the leading causes of noise pollution include industrialization, poor urban planning, social events, transportation, construction activities, household chores, and air traffic.  Those who are constantly exposed to noise pollution for an extended period start developing various health issues such as hearing loss, psychological and physical problems, cognitive issues and behavioral changes, sleep disorders, cardiovascular issues, and troubles in communication.

These doors are commonly used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings where noise control is essential, such as recording studios, home theaters, offices, or spaces near busy streets. The goal is to provide effective sound insulation, ensuring privacy and a more comfortable acoustic environment within a specific area.

Acoustic Doors Solutions


As far as acoustic gasketing in sound resistant doors by AIS Windows is concerned, it can be considered the door’s mechanical ability that acts as a total seal. Gasketing is done around the header and jambs of the doors and is often produced using EPDM or TPE. These materials have an inherent tendency of compression when the door is closed providing it with an unfailing seal. Gasketing is an important component of the sound resistant doors and can be found in almost all types of high-quality sound resistant products.

Generally, there are two types of noises that people often confront in their homes and offices – airborne and impact noise. Airborne noise is transmitted through the flanking of different elements whereas impact noise occurs through the transmission of sound via a mutual connection among a large number of things. High-quality acoustic doors can prevent both types of noises by creating a strong barrier between you and the source of the noise. They are equipped with a strong barrier that results in complete noise reduction.

A sound resistant door is a door that is designed to prevent sound from passing from one room to the next. Made and supplied by the leading sound resistant doors manufacturers, it is the EPDM gasket that compress against surface of uPVC or Aluminum to create the air or water tightness. This makes for a fully airtight seal allowing no noise to enter a particular space.

Yes, of course, like other sound resistant products like windows, ceilings, and walls, glass doors can also be sound resistant. It would also be good to mention here that nothing can be more effective in terms of insulation than glass. That’s the reason more and more noise cancelling doors are being made these days using glass. During manufacturing, the mass is added to the glass in the form of inserts or lamination for better effectiveness. In a glass door, all cracks can be sealed better for optimal noise intrusion.

Sound proof doors or noise proof doors are special doors that bring down noise intrusion by limiting the intensity of the sound wave. The materials these doors are made of are capable of absorbing and reflecting sound. These doors are a unique combination of unmatched beauty and applicability and can block out around 90% of external noise of both low and high frequency. Sound proof doors find applications for noise reduction in homes, offices, recording studios, classrooms, music rooms, hospitals and clinics, conference rooms, and almost all types of residential and commercial buildings.

Sound resistant doors are engineered not only for sound resistance but also complimenting the interior décor of homes and a large number of other structures. These doors can filter out external noise by up to 42 decibels due to fusion-welded and double-sealed mechanisms and provide you with sound sleep and better wellbeing. When installed perfectly, these doors increase the value of your property while enhancing your indoor air quality. They also keep the pollutants at bay and bring you complete peace of mind.

The types of soundproofdoors include soundproof sliding glass door, sound resistant front doors, sound resistant patio & balcony doors, sound resistant sliding doors, sliding acoustic panels, sound resistant exterior doors, sound resistant aluminum doors, soundproof interior door and sound resistant wooden doors. All these doors are produced using the best quality noise reduction materials. They are designed and engineered innovatively keeping in view the requirements of the ultimate noise cancellation in all structures. You can choose any variant for the best performance, stunning aesthetic value, and compelling design.

When it comes to benefits, acoustic doors by AIS Windows provide you with a better sleep experience, enhance general well-being, increase your property’s value, keep pollutants at bay, provide better air quality inside the house, and save energy as they control fluctuation in temperature. When it comes to applications, sound resistant doors these days are used across structures that include recording studios, educational institutions, music rooms, hospitals and clinics, office cabins and conference rooms, residential buildings, and all other structures that are noise-sensitive.

Flanking noise is often a big problem for people living in flats. The overall fabric of a particular building is responsible for flanking noise. Flanking noise gets even more problematic under the conditions where walls are lightweight due to low-density blocks. However, this type of noise is also preventable to a large extent with the installation of high-quality sound resistant glass doors by AIS Windows. You can brief your solution provider about the exact situation you are facing and then he would provide you with the doors accordingly.

Sound resistant glass doors and sound resistant sliding glass door equipped with sliding acoustic panels offer even more impressive aesthetics than standard doors. They are engineered to leave an everlasting impression on the onlookers and are heavily used across structures such as homes, offices, recording studios, classrooms, music rooms, hospitals and clinics, conference rooms, and almost all types of residential buildings. AIS Windows takes care of all the aesthetics well while producing them and when installed with custom-made noise-canceling laminated glass, all the standard and sound resistant sliding doors simply give an awesome look and feel from the point of view of aesthetics.

There is a huge variety of sound resistant doors available. Some of the major variants include acoustic wooden doors, acoustic glass doors, acoustic sliding doors, sound resistant front doors, acoustic sliding glass doors, acoustic soundproof doors, and sound resistant folding doors, etc. These doors are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to enable you to fight the noise intrusion regardless of the gravity associated with the sources. AIS Windows also offers customized doors as per their customers’ exact requirements for better sound resistant door design, and door noise reduction.

The sound resistant doors designed and manufactured to ensure the highest degree of sound insulation for a calm, serene, and peaceful environment in homes, offices, and various other places are considered to be the ones for effective and efficient soundproofing. When installed with special noise-canceling laminated glasses, the efficiency of these doors and windows increases even more to reduce sound intrusion by up to 42 decibels. For more details regarding soundproofing doors and windows, you can get in touch with us.

You should choose AIS Windows for soundproof doors installation because the company is India’s most formidable manufacturer and supplier of supreme quality fenestration solutions. Backed by both experience and expertise within the domain, each product from the company comes with premium quality raw material, finest craftsmanship, and innovative engineering. The company’s capability to offer customized options, dedicated post-installation support, and a strong dealer network across the country make it an ideal destination for all types of fenestration solutions including the best quality acoustic wood doors, acoustic sliding doors, sound reducing interior doors, best sound resistant exterior doors, sound resistant aluminum door, and acoustic soundproof doors.

When compared to the advantages and benefits that sound resistant doors and windows offer, they cannot be considered expensive at all. The price of any commodity is determined by the utilities and the value for money that it offers. Sound resistant doors and windows filter out external noise by up to 42 decibels while offering better safety when compared to tempered and annealed glass. Apart from it, they allow you to experience better sleep and enhanced well-being and also keep pollutants at bay while improving the air quality since they are air-tight. For more information about acoustic door prices, and other details, you can get in touch with us.

Yes, of course, the sound resistant doors that we offer are effective in all types of unwanted noise cancellations. Be it internal noise, external noise, noise caused by vibration, or any other form of noise, these doors are equally effective and efficient in preventing them all to a large extent. We make use of premium quality laminated glass to produce these doors. And, the door structure contains two panes of glass devised together by a special PVB interlayer that acts as an effective and efficient noise-blocking agent in all variants of doors including sound resistant front door, sound resistant French doors, and sound resistant internal door.

The sound proof doors that we manufacture and supply offer quality, reliability, and durability par excellence. The revolutionary acoustic glass that we use to produce sound resistant doors is the secret behind their sturdiness and exemplary durability. Be it acoustic wooden doors, acoustic glass doors, acoustic sliding doors, or acoustic sliding glass doors, all are capable of empowering you to fight the fatal noise regardless of the gravity associated with the sources. You can call us for more details about acoustic door prices and their specifications.

You can be quite worry-free when it comes to maintaining an acoustic door. All acoustic door variants that we manufacture and supply are maintenance-free and only need a few sessions of regular cleaning just like other standard or regular doors. You don’t need any special maintenance regimen for these. When installed perfectly, these doors bring you complete peace of mind for life keeping the inside environment of your spaces calm, serene, and cozy at all times. For more details regarding maintenance and other aspects associated with sound resistant folding doors, noise cancelling interior doors, sound resistant balcony door, sound resistant wooden sliding door, acoustic sliding doors, and acoustic folding doors, you can get in touch with us.

Equipped with the best quality acoustic door frame, sound resistant doors are the doors that are heavily insulated to prevent sound and vibration that pass through them. Two panes of the premium quality laminated glass sandwiched between a special PVB interlayer block off the noise. Soundproofdoors can block out 90% of external noise, which is an additional 60% over an ordinary 5 mm glass pane. The strong seals and dense insulation enable them to achieve this in all types of noise-sensitive spaces. Get in touch with us for more details.

When it comes to the cost of soundproofing any door, there can be no standard answer to your query. It is because there are so many determinants involved. First of all, the gravity or intensity of the noise that you want to block, accordingly the materials to be used to fabricate the concerned door or doors, volume of doors to be installed, and the nature of the application. In case you need a customized door, the cost is supposed to vary. Hence, we request you to discuss your requirements with us so that we can give you the exact idea of the cost.

You need to install sound resistant doors if you want to secure some space off the annoying and irksome neighbors, maintain a calm and cozy atmosphere in your office, and prevent noise in all the venues that are noise-sensitive. While a sound resistant door is often installed to prevent all types of external noises from getting in, they also work wonderfully well across spaces where it is quite imperative not to let any noise out. Get in touch with us for more details about installation.


Key Features

  • Filters out external noise by up to 42 decibels
  • Offers better safety when compared to tempered and annealed glass
  • Difficult to break-in because of the inner PVB layer
  • Keeps the temperature inside spaces at optimum levels
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Allows you to experience better sleep and an enhanced well-being
  • Keep pollutants at bay and enhances air quality since they are air-tight
  • Energy-efficient as they control fluctuation in temperature
  • Maintains peacefulness in your spaces


  • Recording studios
  • Classrooms
  • Music Room
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Office Cabins and Conference Rooms
  • Residential Buildings, and
  • Other noise-sensitive structures

Frame Options to Choose from

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