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Safety and Security Doors Solution
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Whether in homes or any other structures, doors are considered the first line of defense against today’s smart intruders including thieves, burglars, and seasonal miscreants.
So, considering it the first step to ensure the security of your near and dear ones, opting for high-quality residential security doors is necessary. Investing in door security solutions is a wise investment as it pays off later in manifold ways. 

Tinted glass, tempered glass, and solar control glass are some popular variants of high-performance glasses that are considered to be ideal for the best uPVC door security, uPVC French door security, and aluminium security doors. The architectural tempered or toughened glass for home security doors is one of the most used variants of safety glasses. The toughened glass has amazing properties and features that make it an ideal material to create anything right from a basic building structure to all types of internal applications.  

4 times stronger than annealed glass, toughened glass has to undergo repeated cooling and heating processes that increase its strength. What’s more, if broken, it is engineered to fall apart rather than breaking into jagged pieces. When used in safety glass door, French safety door, uPVC security door, and uPVC security doors, it gives intruders a tough time when they try to break into your home. 

AIS Stronglas: Security Doors that Ensure Complete Peace of Mind

We at AIS Windows keep the safety and security of your family and other assets always on top priority. That range of glasses that we offer in our safety doors, wooden safety doors, and toughened glass doors include tempered safety glass, PVB laminated glass, and heat-toughened safety glass to ensure injury-free interiors and impregnable security for our valued customers. 

Proper use of hardware and accessories like an anti-rattler, cavity blocks, sealing wedges, and raiser blocks in double safety doors and double security doors enhances their safety as well as aesthetic value. As for cost, you will find the security doors prices at AIS Windows always reasonable. Also, we have a dedicated team of professional surveyors and installers who will live up to your expectations before, during, and even after installation.


Key Features

  • UV Protection
  • AIS Stronglals™ in an unlikely case of breakage - breaks into small blunt pieces, which prevents injuries
  • AIS Securityglas™ doesn’t shatter, even when broken due to huge impact/stress


  • Toughened glass windows make your homes and assets safe from burglars and intruders
  • Unmatched impact resistance
  • Reduces the risk of impact-induced breakage
  • Durable and reliable

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