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Privacy is an integral part of one’s individuality. Privacy is an essential element that is always instrumental in maintaining your individuality, your social responsibilities and relationships. 
When something is private to an individual, it simply means that it is very sensitive to them.  Installing privacy glass doors, smart aluminium sliding doors, and privacy sliding doors is the best way to maintain your privacy across spaces.

Privacy gives you the freedom to keep certain things private whenever you want, and live life in your own way. When your privacy is brushed aside because of the views and glances of others on which you have no control, your existence is compromised. Lack of privacy in various instances also results in different types of victimizations and manipulations. 

Be it a home or workplace, smart doors or privacy doors play a pivotal role in maintaining complete privacy. They are made with technologically advanced, premium quality glass that offers unique privacy solutions. For example, when one desires privacy, switchable privacy glass doors can be converted from normal see-through glass to completely opaque at the touch of a button. 

AIS Swytchglas – Smart Privacy Glass Doors

We at AIS Windows ensure your privacy both in homes and offices with our specially crafted privacy glass door and smart sliding doors. The AIS Swytchglas is a technological marvel designed while keeping in view your privacy-related requirements. Our glass front door privacy solutions are equipped with innovative features allowing you the freedom of choosing between transparency and privacy through a remote control device.

Well-known for quality, durability, reliability, and sturdiness, our smart aluminium sliding doors and privacy sliding door also provide you with the highest protection from forced entry when used along with our safety and security accessories.  

AIS privacy Swytchglas is used as the best privacy glass for front door and privacy screen sliding door. It is a premium quality smart glass manufactured using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology.

When it comes to the new-age clear glass front door privacy, PDLC always comes to the forefront and provides privacy on demand through the switchable glass door and privacy glass sliding door.  AIS Swytchglas used for making privacy glass door and smart sliding doors prevents natural light from appearing translucent but when voltages are applied, it turns transparent permitting light to flood through the glass. 

Be it privacy french doors, smart aluminium doors or french doors with privacy glass, the PDLC technology creates a shift in the glass from transparent to opaque translucent effortlessly. 


Key Features

  • Ensures privacy as and when required
  • Can be operated with remote and manual control
  • Eliminates the use of curtains and blinds
  • Greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal of a space


  • Instant privacy in contemporary form
  • Manageable through both remote or manual control
  • 100% water and dustproof
  • Zero maintenance required


  • Conference Rooms, and Reception Areas
  • Changing Rooms
  • Projection Displays
  • ICU Doors, and Nurseries
  • Ballistic Teller Lines
  • Transaction Windows, and
  • Safe Deposit Rooms

Frame Options to Choose from

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Privacy Doors Solution is very good experience.

Ajit, Agra, U.P.

I got very good experience in using Privacy Doors Solution.

Neha, Ghaziabad, U.P.