Energy Efficient Doors Solution

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Energy Efficient Doors Solution
Energy-efficient glass is an innovative material that facilitates optimum daylight, better glare management, and maintains ideal interior temperatures. That’s why it is used to make the best energy-efficient doors. These doors are typically constructed with materials that offer superior insulation properties, such as fiberglass, steel, or wood composites. They often feature multiple layers of insulation, weather-stripping, and thermal breaks to prevent air leakage and heat loss.

Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from installing energy-efficient doors, not only in terms of cost savings but also in reducing their environmental footprint by conserving energy resources. Energy efficiency has become the need of the hour, and with each passing year, people are getting more aware of it. Even the manufacturers of glass – one of the most prominent materials to be used in interior and exterior décors these days, have developed a well-timed understanding of this need and have come up with a wide range of energy-efficient glass solutions used for making energy-efficient glass doors.

Energy Efficient Doors Solution


Energy-efficient doors are manufactured using a high-quality energy-efficient glass – an innovative material that facilitates optimum daylight, better management of glare, and maintains ideal interior temperatures. This glass helps insulate the doors both heat and cold around 4 times higher than conventional doors. Exclusively designed by AIS Windows intending to offer a powerful thermal barrier between the climatic conditions outside and the environment inside your houses and offices, these doors made using this glass prevent the heat from entering indoors during summers and escaping in the winters.

The components that make doors energy efficient include frame, glass, and allied hardware. All these components act together as a unit to provide the performance ability to the doors. The glass used to manufacture such doors is a premium quality material that insulates heat offering maximum thermal insulation. Their ability to prevent the heat from entering indoors during summers and escaping in the winters is what makes them energy efficient. It is the quality of the components that determine the cost of these doors to a large extent.

Well, you have so many reasons to install energy-efficient doors by AIS Windows in your home. The first one is substantial savings on your energy bills. With these doors, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 15% and that’s a matter of significance. Apart from reduced energy consumption, you can make your homes more comfortable in all seasons and contribute to minimizing the environmental impact. The more you reduce the amount of heat-lost to the atmosphere, the more you protect the planet.

Interesting question! The energy-efficient doors are manufactured using some specific materials that provide them with sufficient thermal reflection ability. These doors keep the temperature consistent all the time and less energy is consumed by your heating and cooling systems to maintain your preferred conditions. You cannot find such innovative features in conventional doors. To know more about the physical properties of these doors, you can visit our website or call us directly using our toll-free helpline.

When it comes to the prices of energy-efficient doors, various factors influence the pricing parameters. Some of them include the coatings that you choose, the number of panes you need, and the material that you choose for the sash. Whether the installation is being carried out in a whole new structure or an existing one is also what determines the prices of energy-efficient doors. For instance, if you choose a door with triple panes, you will have to pay more.

Do what you do before buying any other product, just give yourself some time and carry out comprehensive research. Visit the websites of some manufacturers and compare the product features and performance ability. You can read online reviews as many as you can before jumping to any conclusion. However, if you choose AIS Windows as your preferred solution provider, you will always be in a win-win situation. It is because the energy-efficient glazing doors made and supplied by the company are of premium quality, followed by the unmatched after-sales support.

Although all types of energy-efficient doors are intended to reduce heat transfer, double glazing is considered to be more effective and efficient when it comes to the overall ability and performance of the qualitative energy-efficient doors. Double glazing when combined with Low-E (low emissivity) glass on at least one pane and argon gas in between makes the door even more efficient as far as its ability to offer thermal performance is concerned. However, it is purely a matter of choice at the customer’s end.

Some of the top variants of high-quality energy-efficient doors offered by AIS Windows include double glazing door, uPVC double glazed door, energy-efficient sliding door, energy-efficient French door, energy-efficient back door, low e glass doors, low e sliding glass doors, , green glass doors, fully glazed internal doors, triple glazed doors, double glazed folding doors, double glazed balcony doors, aluminium glazed door, and energy efficient sliding glass doors, energy efficient wooden doors, and energy efficient exterior doors etc.

Energy-efficient glass doors by AIS Windows offer a large number of benefits other than just ensuring a reduction in energy consumption. Engineered with premium materials, these doors enhance the interiors of your home, create an all-time cozy environment where you can feel relaxed and composed, and prevent dust particles and fatal allergens as they are 100% airtight. On the front of look and feel, these doors from AIS Windows can compete with any conventional doors. So, energy efficiency is just a single aspect of all types of doors including triple glazed french doors, wooden double glazed doors, aluminium double glazed doors, solar control glass doors, and high performance glass doors.

From time to time, various scientific experiments have been done on different materials to get the best thermal insulation. Energy-efficient glass is an innovative technological marvel that not only facilitates optimum daylight but also ensures better management of glare when used as the main material to make energy-efficient high performance doors. This glass is capable of maintaining ideal interior temperatures at all times. That’s why it is used to make energy-efficient doors by AIS Windows –India’s leading doors and windows solution providers. The company offers a wide range of high-quality doors made of glass. And, as far as energy efficient doors price is concerned, it depends upon the nature of the application.

As far as the maintenance of energy-efficient heat resistant doors is concerned, you have to do nothing extra to maintain them. Just a regular cleaning is required to maintain them which you carry out for your existing conventional doors. The primary reason that keeps energy-efficient doors well-maintained is that they are 100% leakage proof and allow no dust particles to enter inside. These doors can also combat direct sunlight of any intensity and concentration, staying damage-free in all types of climatic conditions.

The performance of an energy-efficient door depends on how well different materials are used to make it stop heat from passing through. And, the amount of sunlight that passes through a particular door is also a performance determining factor. In case your doors are perfect but some air is leaking through the window, it can also affect the efficiency of the door. Some other factors that determine the performance of energy-efficient doors are the number of glass panes used to make them. And, this applies to all types of doors including triple glazed french doors, wooden double glazed doors, aluminium double glazed doors, solar control glass doors, and high performance glass doors.

Yes, of course, you will have a wide range of style options to choose from. AIS Windows manufactures its doors in different styles using vivid frames and several panes. In case you need something beyond the available ones, you can also get customized doors from AIS Windows. Just let the company know about your exacting requirements, and stay assured you will be provided with the best quality energy efficient doors including the best insulated sliding glass doors, heat resistant storm doors, and green building doors offering thermal insulation par excellence apart from great aesthetics as well as functional value.

There cannot be a standard or random answer to this question. The time taken to install energy-efficient doors depends upon a large number of factors. These include the nature of structure/space, the type of product (standard or custom-made), and the number of doors to be installed. To make things easier and clearer in this regard, we provide all our customers with a comprehensive consultation session. Thereafter, our team visits your site for measurements and other parameters. At the same time, you are also informed about the time to be taken in installation.

The first and foremost advantage is a significant reduction (up to 15%) in energy consumption. These doors make your homes more comfortable in all seasons by keeping a consistent and comfortable temperature. With these doors in place, you not only enjoy a cozy environment inside your spaces but also contribute to minimizing the environmental impact. These doors require no maintenance and let you enjoy peace of mind for life. For more information, you can get in touch with us.

This is a very relevant question. The purpose of a site survey before installing energy-efficient doors is to ascertain that the site is ready for installation. The survey includes measurements of the spaces, dimensions of the products to be installed, and brainstorming over which material would be perfect to serve the purpose. A site survey becomes even more important when some of our valued customers are inclined to install customized products as per their exacting requirements.

Yes, of course, the energy-efficient doors that we manufacture, supply, and install are equally effective in residential and commercial spaces. Exclusively designed intending to offer a powerful thermal barrier between the climatic conditions outside and the environment inside your houses and offices, our energy-efficient doors prevent the heat from entering indoors during summers and escaping in the winters effectively and efficiently, be it a commercial space or a residential one. So, you can install them without any second thought. Call us to do the needful now.

Manufactured using cutting-edge technology, energy-efficient doors are manufactured to create a powerful thermal barrier between the climatic conditions outside and the environment inside your houses and offices. They prevent the heat from entering indoors during summers and escaping in the winters. This unburdens your heating and cooling systems while bringing a substantial reduction in the overall energy consumption. All our energy-efficient doors are best-in-class in terms of thermal insulation. For more details, you can get in touch with us.

As far as the cost of installing energy efficient doors is concerned, various factors determine it. Every structure, including residential and commercial establishments, has specific requirements. The dimension, size, construction material, and the nature of the application, everything matters. Some customers even prefer fully customized solutions which in turn affect the cost. So, if you want to install energy efficient doors, then please discuss your requirement with us so that we can conclude the cost accordingly. Give us a call on our toll-free helpline.

Yes, of course, we do. We have a strong dealer network across the country to meet the needs of our customers living in places other than NCR. All our authorized dealers are capable of meeting your specific demands for energy efficient doors. As for services, you can expect from our dealers a wide gamut of products and services under one roof specializing in design, consultation service, installation, and after-sales services of precision manufactured energy efficient doors. For more details regarding this, you can get in touch with us.


Key Features

  • A perfect combination of energy efficiency and optimum daylight
  • Enables improved visible light transmission with increased energy efficiency
  • Ensures better thermal insulation and light transmission due to modern Low-E coating
  • Determines the intensity of heat that enters and escapes out through the doors
  • Enables green architecture


  • Helps reduce your energy bills by almost 7%-15%
  • Makes your homes more comfortable
  • Ensures peace of mind that’s coupled with the feeling that you are contributing to minimizing the environmental impact
  • Reduces the amount of heat lost to the atmosphere
  • Helps keep a consistent and comfortable temperature in your home

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