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Casement Windows – Things You Need to Know

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Casement Windows Things You Need to Know

Casement windows, also called crank-style windows, are slowly replacing the traditional hinged windows in our homes and offices. Not only do they look sleek, they also free up a lot of space in a room. These windows are quite versatile as they blend with both modern and traditional architecture and décor. Since they swing out when pushed open, it is best to install them when there is a lot of room on the outside of the house.

The crank-style variant is the most contemporary and convenient of other window types. The following is a list of factors that you need to keep in mind before installing casement windows in your spaces. 

Types of Casement Windows and Designs

The reason casement windows have gained significant popularity is that they are stylish and practical at the same time. Although the components of such windows remain the same, they are divided into three different types. The construction of your home, its interiors, and weather conditions will determine which type of casement window is best suited for your space.

  • Single Frame

This is the standard variant that consists of a single frame. It has glass panels attached on the inside, which are separated by wooden strips. The glass panels can be opened in and out, depending on how high they are installed.

  • Double Casement

These are originally known as French windows and add an undeniably elegant touch to your interiors. They consist of two glass panes hinged on the sides that meet in the middle. Double casement windows are more expensive than single ones but are attractive and smooth to operate. If you want to invest in good windows, then these are a smart choice.

  • Push-Out

These windows are less popular compared to other styles. However, they are a great alternative to crank-out-style casement windows. They are hinged at the sides and can be opened by just turning the handle and giving a gentle push, much like opening a door. 


Casement windows are the most popular with homeowners, not just because of their charming appeal, but also because they demand little to no maintenance, depending on how good the quality is. Their low maintenance vinyl or aluminium exterior protects them from damage against water and dust. Since it is pretty easy to clean such windows, all you have to do is open them and remove the window screen. Then you can simply reach through the opening to wash the window from inside. They also do not require any polish, coating, or varnish. 


These windows are not only lightweight, easy to operate, and occupy less space but they are very sturdy and well-built. The amazing durability of casement windows makes them a great investment for homeowners. They are also characterized by an in-built drainage system that prevents rainwater seepage and stagnation, remaining clean and dry for a long time. Since these windows are low-maintenance, they offer a great deal of practicality. 

Weather and Acoustic Insulation

Casement Windows are one of the most compact windows, pressing the glass doors against the frames firmly, thus preventing air leaks. They help control your home’s temperature, keeping the air conditioning or heating in. In essence, these windows help keep your spaces cool and pollution-free. Acting as a barrier against dust and pollution, they offer all-weather and acoustic insulation. 


Termites cost a fortune on repairs and treatments. This is why it is important to choose doors and windows that are termite-free. In the case of casement windows, you do not have to worry about termites at all. Since they are termite-proof, you don’t need to spend copious amounts on regular maintenance and termite control. Also, cleaning these windows is quite easy and hassle-free. 


These are the most secure types of windows one can own. Nowadays, casement windows come with high-security glass that is shatter-proof. They also come with single or multi-point locks that are attached to the steel core of the window frames. To maximize security in your house, you can install sensors on your doors that notify you on your phone and the security company in case an intrusion is detected.

Considering how long-lasting, functional and efficient they are, casement windows are worth investing in. They are carefully manufactured and designed keeping a user’s concerns of security, aesthetics, and convenience in mind. Available in numerous sizes and colour options in the market, the windows are highly customizable.

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