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13 May

Were Your Glass Windows Installed Properly?

Posted 11:24 pm, May 13, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

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Were your glass windows newly installed? Then this article is for you.

Poorly done fenestration solutions can lead to water drainage, sound leaks, air infiltration, moulds, and in the worst-case scenario – to structural instability. Moreover, improper installation of glass windows can lead to increased energy costs due to insufficiency of insulation. What a menace!

Spot the Signs Early, Here’s Why

The sooner you discover improperly installed glass windows, the sooner you can take action to either repair or replace them. Besides, poorly installed glass windows will readily provide warning signs, so it won’t be difficult to figure out. Once you find out the issue, you can seek professional help to get the glass windows inspected and diagnosed. Moreover, ill-fitted windows can cause serious structural imbalance. This is why spotting the signs of an improper installation is so crucial. The earlier, the better!

Harmful Effects of Poorly Installed Windows

The most common effect of poorly installed glass windows is a reduction in the quality of performance. Such glass windows can suffer from insufficient insulation abilities leading to an increase in energy bills. Glass windows that are undersized or have spaces between frames and sashes can develop mould. This can negatively impact the overall visual appeal of your home. Worst of all, if the locking systems in glass windows start to dysfunction, then break-ins will become easier for intruders. Furthermore, improperly installed glass windows can threaten the stability of your structures, causing important safety concerns.

How to Check the Signs

If your glass windows aren’t installed properly, they will suffer from poor performance. Think – consistent leaks, drafts, air and noise infiltration – and you’ve got badly installed windows at hand. Here’s how you can check the signs for improper installation of glass windows.

Operation Failure

If glass windows squeak or get stuck more often when you open or close them, it suggests a failure of operation. Properly installed glass windows should have a smooth operation but due to poor installation, glass windows will have squeaking hinges or sashes. In some cases, when the dimensions of glass windows are not specific to the dimensions of wall opening, operating them can become extremely difficult. This is definitely a warning sign.

Poor Insulation

Ideally, glass windows should reduce heat and cold ingress. A lack of insulation in newly installed windows can be due to improper fitting. When glass windows are undersized or have gaps, they allow heat to seep indoors, causing a rise in room temperature. If you feel a sudden rise or fall in warmth, poorly installed glass windows might be the reason why.

AIS Windows’ window solutions are engineered to deliver quality performance against the natural elements. They protect against harmful UV rays, optimise ventilation, and deliver world-class appeal.

Visible Drafts

A common consequence of improperly installed glass windows is the development of drafts. When the seals, mostly on the outside of frames, are poorly done, drafts can occur in glass windows. The usually smooth and even lining around glass windows will have visible gaps, because of which infiltration of air and noise can happen frequently. Such poor protection against weather conditions is a tell-tale sign of improper installation.

Inefficient Caulking

Proper caulking of glass windows is essential to remove any gaps during the installation process. It is through caulking that glass windows can control leakage of varied elements. Poorly installed glass windows often suffer from inefficient caulking. If you’re experiencing increased infiltration of wind, pollutants, or moisture, do check your glass windows for bad caulking as this could be a possible warning sign.

Water Leaks

Unlevelled glass windows are prone to damage from water leaks and drainage. Moisture can build up near the frames or sills of the glass windows, leading to the growth of moulds and mildews. Moreover, seepage of water will be a common occurrence if glass windows are poorly installed. Such glass windows will prove useless during rain showers and if the leaks are prolonged, walls can also get damaged.

What to Do Next?

After a thorough self-inspection, you should take help from the original installer to identify the problem with your glass windows and seek a repair or replacement. But if the original installer is not cooperating, you should find a reliable company or professional to diagnose and remedy the issue with your glass windows. Even better, you should get customised glass windows replacements to avoid any chances of operation failure and save costs with highly durable and energy-efficient solutions.

AIS Windows – a subsidiary of AIS Glass – offers end-to-end fenestration solutions that can transform your living space for the better. We combine the right glass products with the best profiles and hardware fittings to deliver glass windows solutions that are aesthetically appealing without compromising on functionality or safety. Our trained technicians will help you at every step of the installation process. At AIS Windows, we deliver a hassle-free service – right from consultation, glass and frame selection, to post-installation.

For unmatched expertise in glass and an array of attractive options, AIS Windows must be your first pick. For further information about customisable glass windows solutions, Give us a call at 1800-103-4805 to receive an expert consultation today!

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