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UPVC Windows: Blending Modernity with Durability

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A lot of us have heard of PVC, a pliable polymer used in a variety of articles like pipes and cables. But, have you come across its tenacious counterpart uPVC or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride? If you are drawing a blank here, allow us to explain!

UPVC is a hard material often used in the construction industry for manufacturing windows and doors. And, countless home and office owners are already raving about it! Want to know why?

Benefits of UPVC Windows

Whether you are looking for replacement windows or buying a new set altogether, you want a material that offers a sturdy foundation and lasts for years. uPVC windows provide all this and much more. In fact, what makes uPVC a particularly attractive window frame material is its ability to blend a modern look with durability. Yes, these windows look great and last a lifetime!

Keep reading to find out why designers and architects swear by this material for fenestration.

Offers Contemporary Designs

Believe it or not, windows and doors are the silent furnishers of a home. They usher in natural light and ventilation that livens up spaces and also ensures positivity. But, matching window frames with the rest of the décor is a different story. Not often you find a window that blends perfectly with the rest of your interiors.

However, uPVC windows come in a wealth of designs, colours and finishes. Here, you will be spoilt for choice and indeed find something that matches your design sensibilities.

Furthermore, if you live in a city with predominantly humid weather, wooden frames may not fit well. But, you can get uPVC window frames installed with a wooden finish.

Similarly, if your room has bright colours, you can get uPVC frames to match the same. A spunky coloured frame might go well with a room’s décor but will look odd on the outside. UPVC windows take care of this as well. Given the range of bespoke solutions possible with this material, you can ask your expert to finish uPVC window frames in one colour on the inside and another on the outside.

Remember, there is a tonne of scope for colours, finishes, dimensions and styles when it comes to uPVC windows.

Ensures Long-Lasting Durability

UPVC windows have a minimum lifespan of 30 years, depending on usage. Such is the stiffness and durability of this material. High-quality uPVC windows are built solid to retain their colour and finish vibrancy for years on end.

Add to it, uPVC windows are tested to stand solar glare without fading. These structures also protect you from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation.

Resistant to Harsh Environmental Conditions

UPVC windows remain unaffected during thunderstorms, torrential downpours, and excessive heat. Windows made from this material do not expand and contract depending on the temperatures outside.

Other than being weather-proof, uPVC windows do not gather much dust, grime and are entirely resistant to rust. These structures are capable of bearing wind loads if you live in a high-rise building. Their capability to cope against harsh environmental conditions makes them an excellent choice regardless of the terrain and weather you live in.

Requires Little to No Maintenance

Unlike natural materials, uPVC requires bare minimum maintenance. The very nature of the material does not make it susceptible to dirt and debris. Also, the surface finish of uPVC is such that you don’t need to varnish or repaint it throughout its lifetime.

The only upkeep uPVC windows require, is an occasional wipe down with a soft damp cloth. Make sure not to use a ball of steel wool or abrasive fabric to clean this material as that may hamper its surface finish.

If you live on an incredibly dusty street, your uPVC windows may need a rinse with mild soapy liquid once in two months. Make sure to not splash the outer frames with vinegar water or any harsh detergent while cleaning them.

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly

Two of the most common myths homeowners carry about uPVC windows is that they are toxic and bad for the environment. But, these are fallacies! UPVC as a material in 100% non-toxic. It is also mostly made from recyclable materials to sustain any long-term adverse impacts on the environment.

You can even confirm this the next time you choose a new set of windows. If you are replacing your uPVC windows, quiz your expert on their disposal practices. You will often find that this material is reused for making other products like plumbing fittings, pipes, etc.

Improves Insulation

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, recycling is not the only way to go about it. You should also look at framing materials that fit seamlessly into your walls, thus promoting energy-efficiency. UPVC windows, by design, offer the perfect fitting.

These structures do not allow air from inside to seep out and vice versa. This feature reduces the load on your heating and cooling devices as hot air does not escape outside during the winter season, and cold conditioned air stays inside during the summers.

Additionally, uPVC is a lousy conductor of heat. Therefore, when installed correctly, it forms a closed air-system, reducing heat loss. Think of this property of uPVC windows as a natural insulant.

Enhances Safety and Security

If you think that uPVC windows are not as secure as wood or metal, think again! We have already established that uPVC is strong and durable, but what you may not know is that this material offers an added layer of security. How? UPVC frames comfortably support double glazing along with multi-point locking systems.

You can choose to install uPVC windows with toughened or laminated glass and various locking combinations to deter unwarranted intrusions. Remember, a frame that supports a multi-point locking mechanism does not unlock from only one place.

Provides Superior Ventilation

Given how customisable uPVC frames are, uPVC windows come in a variety of configurations that enable superior ventilation. There is nothing more important than a window that can provide sufficient airflow inside a room, especially during those hot summer months. And, uPVC tilt and turn windows, sliding windows and French windows will do the trick for you.

If you don’t have enough space for uPVC French windows, choose the tilt and turn design. Why? When tilt and turn windows are positioned inwards, they rapidly let hot air out through space created on the top and side. These structures can also be opened fully to ventilate a room quickly.

Ensures Noise Cancellation

You can combine uPVC frames with double glazed panels or choose soundproof glass to reduce the decibel levels inside your home significantly. Most uPVC windows with the right glass end up reducing the ambient noise by 50% as opposed to other framing and glazing options.

So, if you want to get rid of the noise of horns and sirens blaring, choose uPVC windows with the right glazing option. Have a good night’s sleep without external cacophony disturbing your routine.

Resists Flames

Another great feature of uPVC windows is that they keep you safe in the unfortunate event of a fire. No wonder uPVC windows are popularly used at various commercial establishments. Also, most buildings today rightly require compliance with fire regulations, and uPVC is naturally flame retardant.

Since uPVC is a fire-rated material, it provides a safety escape window of at least 30 minutes, which can be critical during evacuation. Such a quality is useful anywhere and not just in commercial setups.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there is not much that a uPVC window cannot do! So, if you are looking for a complete solution – one that is modern, aesthetically appealing, performance-driven and secure, your search should end at uPVC windows.

But, zeroing in on uPVC windows is not enough. To exploit all of its advantages, you must ensure a thoroughly professional installation.

Are you scouting the market for a true-blue window expert? If so, then your search ends at AIS Windows – India’s leading fenestration solutions provider. We offer a host of uPVC windows and door solutions that can satiate all your décor needs. Be it residential or commercial spaces, our customizable solutions are sure to add just the kind of appeal you want your spaces to exude.

Our experts are fully equipped to assist you every step of the way – from selection to installation to after-sales support. We also offer a quick turn-around to make sure your home improvement project is not held up from our end.

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