Heat Resistant Glass Windows
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Heat Resistant & Solar Control Glass

Engineered Using AIS' range of high-performance solar and thermal control glass products, the AIS energy efficient windows reduces the heat gain from outside, thereby enabling effective and efficient functioning of air-conditioning systems. In colder climates, it prevents inside heat from getting out, thus keeping the interiors warm and comfortable. The inherent heat insulating properties of uPVC and advanced gasketing ensure that your home is truly Energy Efficient'.

Stay cool with more sunlight and more savings. The solar control glass’ energy efficient technology gives you up to 40% protection from outside heat as compared to other window systems leading to drastic savings in electricity bills.

Get solar control glass

1. Reduce the need for air-conditioning during summer and artificial heating during winter.
2. Reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.
3. Lower your electricity consumption and save up to 35-40% of your electricity bills.