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uPVC doors and windows: An Innovation that took the market by storm

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There are few innovations that can capture a marketplace’s attention in the home fixtures segment. uPVC is one of those innovative concepts that completely changed the way we viewed traditional doors & windows. Additionally, from a purely functional stand-point, uPVC doors and windows offer multiple features in return. They have insulating properties that block out sound and air-pollution effectively. They’re one of the many tech-forward features that modern homes can install.

Features & benefits of uPVC

From the perspective of the benefits and characteristics it offers, uPVC is ahead of other technologies. With uPVC doors and windows, you can effectively sound-proof an entire space. You don’t need to diminish the outside noises by installing rugs and thick curtains. The noise cancelling uPVC doors and windows allow you to enjoy a peaceful conversation without feeling disturbed. Additionally, uPVC windows regulate the temperature within a space. They insulate heat i.e. they prevent heat from leaving or entering the room. This creates an ambient room temperature all year long. Also, since a comforting temperature is maintained indoors, the use of electrical appliances such as ACs or heaters reduces significantly. This not only helps to conserve energy but reduces expenses on utility bills as well.

What the market wants

One of the primary reasons behind the success of uPVC doors and windows is that it is the ideal product for the market. The market wants a more integrated door and window combination that cuts down on noise and air pollution. uPVC frames are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and require neither complex installation processes or heavy padding. These products are easily accessible in the market in various sleek and contemporary designs that offer a wide range of benefits and enhance the kerb appeal.

Choosing the right brand for uPVC doors and windows

While the technology is fairly new in the market, it has captured the attention of customers owing to its varied and unique features. AIS Windows not only brings together the expertise in glass as well as window frames, but also offers a wide range of products and expert installation. The products are durable and hardly require maintenance and repairs. Further, opting for renowned dealers pays off as they offer great after-sales service to their customers. So, when it comes to choosing uPVC windows and doors, prefer brands that offer a variety of products designed to make your home a safe and secure place.

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