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uPVC Doors and Windows: A Wise Choice to Renovate Home

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Guide to choose best door design

The advancement in technology has transformed the world of interiors with some ground-breaking inventions. Whether you’re renovating your home yourself or taking the help of an interior designer to spruce up the décor, you do not have to be limited to one or two solutions anymore. With every industry acknowledging the technological era, it wasn’t long before the door and window industry embraced the concept of easy living too.

Selecting the Right Doors and Windows

Gone are the days when you had to make a choice between aesthetics and efficiency. House shopping has become fun with the significant product line expansion in the door and window industry. You can now browse through endless catalogues until you find the perfect fenestration solutions which cater to your every need.

Looking for durable, yet magnificent doors and windows? Invest in uPVC doors and windows for a luxurious finish. Owing to their timeless appeal and maximum functionality, uPVC doors windows have emerged as the preferred choice for all fenestration solutions amongst several decorators and homeowners.

uPVC doors and windows have become a sensational hit in the market as they create a great first impression even before people even enter your space. They are the perfect choice for increasing the home’s structural integrity, creating a lavish entrance and breathing new life into your home.

While the popularity of uPVC doors and windows have significantly shot up over the years, it is important to be thoroughly informed about the products you are investing in. To make your selection process easier, we have created an extensive guide that discusses the origin of uPVC, the need for uPVC doors and windows, its endless benefits and some real-life applications and uses to help you make an informed decision.

The Need for uPVC Doors and Windows

uPVC or un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride is made from a pliable plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This polymer has been used for decades in everyday essential items like our clothes and wire insulation. Based on the formulation of this polymer, the resourcefulness of uPVC took precedence over PVC as the modern world innovation for fenestration products.

uPVC doors windows have gained worldwide recognition owing to their exceptional properties. They are designed to be extremely flexible, durable and sturdy to ensure a robust foundation. They also have outstanding rigidity and insulation properties which are important components in the construction of seamless door and window frames, thereby making uPVC the most sought-after material in the market.

Why are uPVC Doors and Windows the Wise Choice for Me?

Even after knowing about the origin of uPVC doors and windows, and the reason for their global popularity, you may still wonder whether or not they are the right choice for you. To help you understand the importance of installing uPVC doors and windows, we’ve listed below some of the many advantages that they have to offer.

Improved Security Measures

Every homeowner wishes to build a safe space for their loved ones. If you’re looking to bump the safety measures, uPVC doors windows are a perfect choice. They come equipped with fire-retardant properties to avoid combustion and prevent mishaps during a fire hazard. Their frames are constructed with galvanized steel, making it impossible to break into the house.

Certain styles like casement uPVC windows feature internal glazing which prevents burglars from removing the glass from outside and keeping your family protected from harm. uPVC doors and windows are further armed with an anti-crowbar feature which prevents intruders from forcing their way into the house.

Enhanced Interiors

If you’re looking for stylish fenestration solutions to add a touch of elegance to the interiors of your home, none of the other designs holds a candle to uPVC doors and windows. They are available in a variety of chic styles, vibrant hues and trendy patterns that match the vibe of every home. If you prefer to have more privacy, you can even apply a certain amount of tinning for a secluded home.

Don’t like any of the designs from the catalogue because you would rather have your own? Not to worry because uPVC doors and windows from AIS are available in a wide range of fully customizable options right from the colour of the frame to the type of glass panes you wish to install. Mix and match different styles to create your unique space or opt the same pattern for all your uPVC doors windows to give your home the illusion of meticulously-planned decor.

Extreme Durability

Building a durable space is the first thought that crosses every homeowner’s mind and uPVC doors and windows fulfil this condition with their remarkable properties. The rigidity of uPVC helps uPVC doors and windows withstand harsh climatic changes like heat, cold, wind, rain, sleet and snow.

They possess chemical, saltwater and UV and high-impact resistant properties to prevent corroding and peeling. They are also 100% termite resistant and do not require any protective layer of paint, which in turn, prevents chipping and flaking. Since they are resistant to moisture, infestations and atmospheric pollutions, uPVC doors windows are easy to maintain and have a long shelf life.

Excellent Insulation

Tired of the incessant noise from the street? Invest in uPVC doors and windows from AIS to block excessive sound from penetrating into your home. They are great insulators of sound and help maintain a peaceful ambience.

They also have remarkable thermal insulative features which keep your interiors cool by preventing the heat from entering your home on a hot summer afternoon. Glass manufactures design uPVC doors and windows with multi-chambered panes to minimize heat loss.

They are also capable of trapping the warm air and prevents it from escaping your house in winters. To keep the home insulated against dust and dirt, uPVC doors and windows frames are constructed with a double sealing and EPDM gasket to seal the area between the window glass and the body.


Not only are uPVC doors and windows energy-efficient but also ensure that we do not leave behind a carbon footprint. Consequently, uPVC doors windows are also designed to be 100% recyclable, BPA and phthalate-free. As there is no extra paint coat required they are also lead-free. All these factors have led to the popularity of uPVC doors and windows amongst environment enthusiasts.

Real-Life Home Applications

Now that you know about the unique characteristics uPVC doors and windows have to offer, let’s take a look at some trendy ways to incorporate them in your home.

French Doors and Windows

Looking for energy-efficient, easy to maintain and highly durable options whilst also adding a touch of glam to your space? Invest in quintessential French uPVC doors and windows for your home. They come equipped with multi-lock points to enhance security and reduce sound up to 42 decibels. They are even available in a wood finish and a wood-grain surface to add a timeless appeal to your home.

Sliding Doors and Windows

No matter how many catalogues you flip through, there is nothing more classic than sliding uPVC doors windows. People living in small apartments, especially, can benefit from sliding doors and windows as they are great at optimising space and offer increased ventilation. Its remarkable insulative properties are a great solution for your safety, security and acoustic needs.

 Casement Doors and Windows

Nothing matches the longevity and security standards of casement uPVC doors and windows. They are fade-resistant, blocks rainwater from seeping in and their unique design prevents any contraction and expansion of the frame despite fluctuations in temperature. Apart from being highly affordable, casement uPVC doors and windows can be not only be customised for their colours and patterns but also designed to open inwards or outwards, based on your preferences.

 Glass-to-Glass Windows

If your property has an amazing view, it’s only natural to invest in windows that provide unobstructed views of the landscape. Glass-to-glass uPVC windows are the perfect choice as they fulfil your purpose with the utmost ease. Each glass pane is joined at a 90-degree angle to create a sense of continuity and enhance the illusion of a panoramic window. Their contemporary designs allow for natural light to pour into your home and enhance the beauty of your décor.

Lift and Slide Doors

Created with smooth sliding panels and heavy-duty hardware, uPVC lift and slide doors are perfect for creating large openings and magnificent glass walls. They offer excellent weather sealing and heavy load-bearing capacity along with great sound insulation. uPVC lift and slide doors can be customised to be built curved, straight, against a jamb, into a wall socket or along the outside wall, depending upon the architectural structure of your house.

Looking for world-class uPVC doors and windows for your dream home? Look no further than AIS Windows. As a strategic business unit of AIS Glass- India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, we combine high-performance glass products with top-drawer door and window frames to offer the beautiful blend of aesthetics and functionality. Our end-to-end services take care of everything- right from the consultation process to the selection process up until the final installation process for satisfying customer experience.

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