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Types of Window Glass at Home

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Undoubtedly, windows are an essential part of your homes. Their style and aesthetics play a huge role in shaping the aura of your interiors. No matter the style and shape of your house’s windows, one crucial element without which they remain incomplete is the window glass.

The right choice of window glass can play a crucial role in complementing your home and increasing its functionality. Not only the elegant appearance of glass can add visual appeal to your place, but the right window glass can also offer a host of benefits such as security, privacy, energy-efficiency, etc. On the other hand, the incorrect choice of window glass can leave your windows lifeless, in terms of both appearance and utility. This is why choose the right window glass without worrying about the window glass prices, as the right window glass gives you benefits that are absolutely worth the price.

Here are the different window glass types that you can choose for your homes.  

Acoustic Glass

Noise pollution has become a growing problem in busy metropolises. Your home is supposed to provide you respite from the outside noise, but if outside noise keeps filtering in, it can prevent you from getting adequate sleep and rest. Moreover, being exposed to loud noise for an extended period can have harmful effects on your health. Thankfully, acoustic window glass is one such solution that can help with noise insulation in your homes. By using soundproof glass or acoustic glass in your home windows, you can relax in peace and enjoy deep sleep.

Acoustic glass is manufactured by having two layers or sheets of standard glass that have been bonded together with an interlayer. The glass panes are laminated together with an interlayer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) in between. This special PVB interlayer is responsible for absorbing noise and preventing the sound vibrations from passing to the other side. Installing acoustic window glass can reduce almost 90% of the external noise!

Privacy Glass

Glass has always been a popular material in the fenestration industry, but homeowners are often unsure about this product due to a lack of privacy. However, thankfully due to innovative glass technologies, privacy has easily been taken care of.

If privacy is one of your primary concerns, then opting for frosted glass can be a perfect choice. Frosted glass is a glass that is turned opaque by the process of acid-etching or sandblasting. Frosted window glass can obscure the view and offer a high degree of privacy while still allowing light transmission. This type of window glass can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms. Frosted glass is also a great alternative to blinds and drapes, especially in the bathroom. By installing this window glass type, you can experience the elegance of glass without compromising your privacy.

Modern homeowners are always looking for ways to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their lifestyle. The most intelligent and cutting-edge privacy solution you can include in your home is the smart glass. Switchable glass or smart glass can change from transparent to opaque or vice versa. The smart glass can provide you with privacy on-demand with the switch of a button. Made using the PDLC or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal technology, this window glass allows you to control your privacy as per your desire.

Safety Glass

For everyone, the safety and security of their home is a prime focus. An easy way to enhance safety and security for your homes is to opt for safety glass. You can get safety glass in two variants- tempered glass and laminated glass.

Laminated glass is made by sandwiching two sheets of glass with a special interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) inserted between them. On the other hand, tempered glass is manufactured using the process of heat or chemical tempering. Tempered glass is known for being four to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same size. Due to the way they are manufactured, both these glass types are imbued with more strength than annealed glass, and hence cannot be broken easily. With these window glass types, you don’t have to worry about burglars or intruders breaking into your property as these glass types provide high-level intrusion resistance.

Another way both these types of glass can provide increased safety to your home is that both these types of safety glass don’t break into sharp, jagged shards, unlike ordinary glass. When broken, tempered glass shatters into harmless, blunt, pieces that do not cause any injuries. On the other hand, laminated glass doesn’t shatter when it breaks. The pieces stay stuck to the PVB interlayer, without falling apart. This makes them the safest choice for homes, especially if you have small children in your home.

Solar Control Glass

One of today’s most significant needs is energy efficiency and conservation, both in terms of heat and light. One such option of window glass that can enable optimal daylight and glare management alongside blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun is- solar control glass.

Solar control glass is a specially coated glass that can reduce the amount of heat entering the building. This glass reflects and absorbs the sun’s heat and helps control the glare. By opting for solar control glass, you will be able to keep your home’s interior cool without compromising the amount of natural light entering your space. In India, where the temperature during summer can increase to astonishing levels, opting for solar glass can reduce the amount of heat entering your home. This decreases the usage of air-conditioners, thereby reducing your electricity bills. Since the amount of natural light entering indoors is not affected by the solar control glass, your indoors will remain bright during the day. This will also reduce your need for artificial lighting and will further bring down your utility bills, making your home an energy-efficient zone. Moreover, solar control glass can also protect your home’s interiors from harmful UV rays.

The window glass price of solar control glass is worth the enormous amounts of money that you will be saving on your utility bills, hence don’t shy away from incorporating this glass into your homes. Moreover, the solar control window glass can be used in any room of your house easily.

Choose the best window glass for your home and pair it up with quality window frames made of aluminium, uPVC, and wood by opting for AIS Windows. AIS Windows provides a comprehensive range of fenestration products that can be customised as per your desires. These fixtures are designed by experts to ensure that they are energy-efficient, safe, low-maintenance, etc. Moreover, we also offer 360-degree fenestration solutions, from the selection stage to the after-sales support.

For customised fenestration solutions, reach out to us!

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