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07 Aug

Twin Sash Window Grills For Your Home

Posted 10:14 am, August 7, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows

Advantages of installing aluminium windows

Every homeowner strives hard to create the perfect abode. You put your soul into decorating your home so that it becomes an extension of your personality. From choosing the colour to picking out all the design elements, you pay attention to every minute detail to make your home perfect. However, one aspect that most homeowners tend to overlook is the house windows.

Your house windows play a crucial part in determining the aura of your home. The right style of window can add an aesthetic touch to your home and elevate your home’s visual appeal. The windows set the tone of your space for first-time visitors and passers-by. Your house windows can enhance your interior space’s vibe by ushering in natural light. Along with enhancing the aesthetical appeal and complementing your home, the right house windows can also increase your living space’s functionality. For instance, your house windows can play a crucial role in ensuring your living space’s safety and security. All in all, choosing the right house windows are extremely important.

One of the house windows styles that have been an architectural delight is the twin sash window.

What Are Twin Sash Windows?

The twin sash window is a modern type of window style. This window type is the best possible combination of the traditional or conventional casement windows with traditional fly mesh panels. Twin sash windows are an excellent option for homeowners who are looking for stylish windows for their properties. Given below are some benefits of the twin sash windows.

Benefits of Twin Sash Windows


There is no denying that twin sash windows are both charming and elegant to look at. The addition of these windows is bound to add aesthetic attributes to your home.

Better Ventilation

The twin sash window can be opened easily, thus allowing increased ventilation in your home. This also allows you to air out your rooms easily, especially the kitchen. During the day, you can open the twin sash window to let in the beautiful sunlight and fresh air.

Security And The Advantage of Modern Window Grill 

One of the twin sash windows’ notable features is that there is a provision to get them installed with a window grill for your home’s utmost security and safety. This window grill provision adds a layer of protection to prevent intruders from breaking in, thus functioning as an effective physical barrier against intruders. Modern window grill design that you get with a twin sash window is made from robust and sturdy materials like steel and aluminium; therefore, they are extremely strong and durable. Moreover, by adding the sturdy window grill design, you can not only succeed in keeping intruders out, but you can also reduce the risk of individuals, especially young kids falling from the windows. Young children are inclined to look for adventures without realizing the outcome. The window grill design can act as a safety net and stop your fear of children peeking out and causing an accidental fall. Thus, the window grill can help in avoiding mishaps.

Furthermore, window grills can also be combined with a mesh panel to make your home safe. The mesh panel provides safety to your home by keeping out disease-carrying flies, mosquitoes, and insects. When you opt to purchase twin sash windows from AIS Windows, you can get fly mesh panels with them. The mesh profiles offered by AIS Windows come in various colours such as white, walnut, and mahogany. These mesh profiles can brighten your home while increasing the efficiency of the windows. The mesh profiles offered by AIS Windows are easily washable. They also accumulate little dust and can keep your home bacteria-free easily. Moreover, the mesh profiles are made of materials like fibre glass and PVC to ensure complete safety. When you opt for a twin sash window with window grill design and mesh panel from AIS Windows, you can ensure your home’s complete safety and security.

Additional Benefits

When you get twin sash windows installed in your home with the window grill provision, the window grill design also offers other benefits besides heightened security.

Air Circulation

Opening your twin sash window for ventilation is an excellent idea, but this move can make your home vulnerable if you don’t have window grills. The presence of a window grill allows you to open your sash window for proper air circulation, without compromising your safety or ventilation. Even if you end up forgetting to close your window during the night, you wouldn’t have to worry about your safety as cutting through window grills is nearly impossible. This is why opting for the window grill becomes necessary if you want proper air circulation with enhanced home security.

Improved Aesthetics

Undoubtedly window grills can increase your home’s safety and security standards, but you might be worrying that window grills can make your home look like a prison. Fret not! Due to the advancements in architecture, there are a variety of modern window grill designs available; thus, you can choose the one that matches the vibe and décor of your home. Window grills can also be customised to any thickness as per your liking without compromising on security. You can opt for sleek aluminium grills or vintage style wrought iron grills for your home. You can also get window grills in several finishes so that it fits your twin sash window. Playing with your window grill design will allow you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.

If you are looking to install twin sash windows in your property, head to AIS Windows. As the best windows company in the market, we offer twin sash windows, which are an excellent combination of incredible looks and high-security standards. Moreover, we provide 360-degree fenestration solutions- right from consultation to hassle-free installation and after-sales support for your complete satisfaction. We can help you create a living space that strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and efficiency.

So, reach out to us today!

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