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Top Tips and Ideas for Window and Door Aesthetics

Posted 7:37 am, December 21, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows

More than the furnishings of your home, it is the placement and style of doors and windows that matter. These structures shower your dwellings with pristine natural light and also ensure a sense of openness. Choose the right doors and windows, and you will land up with warm and cosy digs. Pick the wrong ones, and you can expect renovations down the road.

But, we want you to choose right! So, here are a few factors you must keep in mind before narrowing down on the aesthetics of windows and doors for your home.

Match Windows to Blend with Your Home’s Overall Mood

Is your home minimalistic? Does it appear modern with hints of vintage furniture pieces? Are you going with a Victorian or Georgian theme? Answering these questions is critical as your door, and window designs must match the theme of your home. If different rooms have individual themes, your window and door designs will change accordingly.

For instance, if Victorian furniture pieces and wall art enamour you, you might want to install wood carved French windows with arched transoms. On the other hand, if you want a strictly minimalistic theme, go for expansive black aluminium window frames. The point is that your doors and windows are very much a part of your room’s décor, so style them accordingly.

Choose the Right Size and Colour

If you are lucky enough to live by the sea or amidst a lot of greens, ensure fenestration of the right size. Know that the size and width of your windows and doors matter. Steer clear from small-sized windows when you want to bring the outdoors inside. Go for picture, casement or French windows in such a case.

Alternatively, when you are choosing a window for your bathroom, privacy is perhaps a priority. Here, you can go for small-sized windows. Remember that size plays a massive role in the aesthetics of your home.

Let’s talk about the colour of your window and door frames. Keep in mind that today window and door designs come in a myriad of tints and shades. You must exploit this opportunity and go for a hue that either matches the colour of your walls or contrasts them.

Select Your Framing Materials Wisely

Window and door designs come in various materials like aluminium, wood, and vinyl. Before choosing one for your home or office, figure out each material’s performance, visual aesthetic, durability, maintenance requirement and other qualities.

Doing this will ensure you do not choose the right material for your space. For instance, if you live in a city where it rains a lot or humidity is a constant issue, you would want to choose a material that does not bloat due to moisture.

Pick the Right Glazing

There is a wealth of functionalities available in glass these days. For instance, you can choose glazing for noise-cancellation, toughness, energy-efficiency, and much more. A lot of these attributes can be blended into one pane as well. You can select toughened glass which is also soundproof.

While aesthetics plays a huge role in deciding door and window designs, you must not forget that glazing functionalities are just as important. Therefore, pick the right glass to complete your door and window systems.

Research Window and Door Types

There is a wide variety of door and window designs available these days. Some of them include:

Casement windows – A timeless design that never goes out of style, casement windows offer excellent aesthetics, ventilation and performance. These windows are easy to install, are hinged on one side and swing open outwards.

French windows – Incredibly well-known for the aesthetic charm they add to your homes. French windows are expansive and generously usher in heaps of natural light and ventilation.

Sliding Windows – You can install small or large sliding windows. They look great and save a lot of space, as they don’t swing open inwards, but slide within their frame.

When it comes to doors, here are our top three picks:

French doors – Similar to French windows, these doors lend a sense of openness to your home and enhance the usability of a space.

Panelled Doors – These doors contain wood joiners like stiles or rails, and offer outstanding performance along with aesthetics.

Flush doors – Unlike panelled doors, flush doors have plain non-grooved facings on both sides. This design is excellent if you want to keep things simple.

Why we picked these three door and window designs is because they look great regardless of the theme of your home. Whether you want a modern or a vintage vibe, all three window and door types will be a great fit.

To Sum Up

Are you looking for inspirational door and window designs for your next home improvement project? If yes, then rely on AIS Windows. We are one of India’s leading fenestration experts fully-equipped to escort you through your window and door selection journey.

To know all about our products and services, visit our website today!

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