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01 Jan

Tips to Clean Aluminium Doors and Windows Without Damaging them

Posted 5:43 am, January 1, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Aluminium Windows ,Aluminium Doors

Day-offs and holidays call for fun trips and getaways. Holiday time also calls for working on routine and pending household chores, chores like cleaning your aluminium doors and windows. Even though aluminium doors and windows require low maintenance as they gather a relatively limited amount of grime and dust, they should be cleaned once every few months. These transparent doors and windows provide spatial elegance to your interiors as well as exteriors and should be kept shiny. Here are a few steps to keep your aluminium doors and windows clean without damaging them –

Collect the Right Materials

The very first step in cleaning aluminium doors and windows is to gather all the materials that will be required before the cleaning can be started. These will include – A bucket and a mug (you can also use a garden hose), mild detergent or window cleaning agent, clean water (lukewarm water works better), a soft-bristled brush and a sponge, a Dry and soft cloth, similar to the orange cloth used to wipe cars after cleaning them, grease or any other type of lubricant.

Remove the Superficial Dust and Dirt 

Now that you have all the right items in place let the cleaning begin! The thumb rule of cleaning aluminium doors and windows is that you start from the top and work your way down. This way, you do not risk getting dirt or grime stuck again on spots you have already cleaned.

Fill up the mug with clean water and gently splash it on the window and door frames from the outside. Repeat this action twice or thrice depending on how dirty your frames are. Allow this water to wash off the dirt on the frame and the glass. Since these structures do not get as dirty from the inside, a gentle wipe with a wet cloth will suffice for this step.

Mix Detergent or Cleaning Agent with Clean Water

Mix the mild detergent or window cleaning agent in clean, lukewarm water to make a soapy solution. Ensure that the detergent used has a PH level of 7 or less. The soap has to be non-alkaline; else, the window pane colour-coating will get chipped or will lose its finish. You can also use any of the aluminium cleaners available in the market.

Only Gentle Scrubbing!

Take a soft-bristled brush and dip it generously into the lukewarm soapy water. Do not use steel wool. Instead,  use a nylon brush. Scrub the window and door frames gently, removing the patches of grime and dirt stuck to the surface. This brush comes in very handy, especially if you are cleaning your bathroom aluminium doors and windows. You can also take an old toothbrush whose bristles are only slightly hard and dip it in the solution to clean the grime settled in hard-to-reach corners. Once you are done scrubbing, take the soft, wet sponge and wipe the loosened lumps of dirt clean.

Put in extra effort to scrub the joints and grooves as they are responsible for the smooth movement of your aluminium doors and windows. Keep scrubbing until you get rid of the deposits.

Rinse Well with Clean Water

The soap needs to be thoroughly rinsed out of your aluminium doors and windows. Soap residues tend to collect a lot of dirt and will eventually make your doors and windows filthy. Take the remaining clean water from your bucket and drizzle it onto the top of your structures. Ensure that all the soap is washed off.

Time to Use the Dry Cloth

After the structure has been rinsed properly, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. You can also use the cloth that is used to wipe cars, as it is excellent in water absorption. Buff it up in a single direction instead of wiping haphazardly to give your aluminium doors and windows a better shine. Do not touch the structure until it is completely dry to avoid fingerprint marks.

Time to Grease It Right

You can purchase any silicone-based lubricant for your aluminium doors and windows. Greasing the joints, hinges, locking systems, or springs are critical for the longevity of your structures. Before lubricating, these joints ensure that they are completely dry. If you are in a hurry, use a blow dryer to completely drain out any waterlogged inside the metallic parts that need to be lubricated. You can also purchase automotive wax if you wish to beam up your frames further. You do not need to use car wax more than once a year to shine up your windows.


All of the above steps can also be followed for cleaning aluminium doors and windows from the inside. But instead of pouring water for cleaning and rinsing, which might make a mess indoors, use a damp cloth and sponge to soap up and wipe clean your frames.

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