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Tips to Choose Right Front Door for Your Home

Posted 10:27 am, May 2, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors

Guide to Choose Best Door Design

The front door of a home throws light on the personality of who lives on the other side. This seemingly simple structure is responsible for first impressions, but more importantly, for keeping you and your family members safe and warm. You can award your exteriors with a modern or vintage feel just by figuring out the right front door design.

Did you know that front doors of homes are often referred to as door systems? Because you buy three components – the door, frame and a locking mechanism – together. A standard pre-hung door assembly comes in 36 inches by 80 inches. But with modern advancements in home-improvement technologies, front doors can be customised to a large extent to suit your design needs.

Are you looking for a front door? If yes, then here’s what you need to consider before choosing one.


Even before you zero in on the dimension, choose the material. Front doors primarily come in four materials – wood, glass, metal, and vinyl. Most modern doors are a combination of at least two of these four materials. If you are looking for front doors that are both aesthetically appealing and safe, go for wood or uPVC frames with a double-glazed toughened or laminated glass pane.

Glass panels embedded in any frame look stunning and speak of pure class. If you are worried about the privacy angle, use partially or fully frosted glass. Another common concern with using glass for the front door is that of safety. If you live on the ground floor, choose a hollowed-out glass and wood door. These doors have more wood or metal and less glass.

You can also choose a front door made purely of wood. This material remains a classic choice for countless homeowners as it offers an elegant look along with privacy and security. If you are looking for natural hardwoods, choose from teak, mahogany, oak, and walnut. Remember, when it comes to wooden front doors, the genius lies in the details. You can try out intricate wood carvings and mouldings if you wish to give your entrance a vintage look.

As for metal doors, they are impregnable, offer exceptional security, and go very well with glass. Install a solid metallic door, or one that uses glass along with metal, the choice is yours.


Front doors today come in a host of design options. There is no more just one way to hang a door, which is from the side. You can choose from French sliding doors, centrally pivoting doors, bi-folding doors, double-casement doors, arched doors, and the list goes on.

If you want to convert an entire wall into a stunning glass door for improved natural light and ventilation, go for bi-folding front doors. This structure uses several door frames that fold behind one another. Bi-folds can be fully or partially opened and allow easy access between the garden and your home. If you are short on square footage but want to provide your home with a sense of space, go for French front doors or double-folding doors.


Before choosing a front door, think about the qualities of energy-efficiency and noise insulation. Both these features can be achieved with the right kind glazing. If you live in a city with extreme temperature differentials throughout the year, get a front door which features energy-efficiency glass. This type of glass ushers in heaps of natural light without absorbing solar glare, keeping your house cool during the summer months.

If your home is on a particularly busy street, then noise pollution can be a real bummer. Fret not! Simply install sound-proof glass front door. This type of glass does not only provide insulation from jarring noises but also keeps you safe from dust and pollution.

Security is another aspect to think before choosing a front door. Do you know that when it comes to safety, front doors made of wood, steel, or fibreglass all provide a similar level of security? It is often the locking mechanism that fails a door, not its strength. Therefore, choose multiple locking points on a front door, if possible, to heighten security. Additionally, use double or triple-glazing to deter unwarranted break-ins.

Something to Consider…

Getting a front door fabricated and installed is a rather technical task and must not be done at home. Avoid DIY front door solutions at all costs. Rely on a well-seasoned and renowned service provider that offers end-to-end front door solutions – like AIS Windows.

If you are seeking professional advice for your windows and doors, reach out to us. We offer a host of customisable framing and glazing solutions. At AIS Windows, our team of experts provide help at every step of the way from selecting to installing to after-sales support.

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