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Technical Advantages of uPVC Doors and Windows

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Not many know this, but lately, several homeowners are replacing their traditional doors and windows with contemporary uPVC structures. Why? This material offers a wealth of solutions, seconded only by a few others. If you are looking for a new set of doors and windows, turn towards uPVC structures. This article makes a strong case for uPVC doors and windows by outlining what they are and how they transform your dwelling or working space.

First Things First: Explaining uPVC

uPVC stands for unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride used to construct frames of doors and windows. This material is also often called rigid PVC because it is hard and inflexible. If you are bored of using the same fenestration materials over and over again, turn towards uPVC and lend your space the freshness it needs.

Advantages of uPVC Doors and Windows 

If you are looking for new doors and windows for your home, but are not sure why uPVC is an excellent choice for the same, we offer you the top 11 benefits of this material right here.

Aesthetically Appealing

It is no secret that one of the first things buyers look for is the appearance of any element being installed in their home. Sure, the priority is never purely aesthetics, but it does play a grave role in deciding what material your doors and windows will be made of. uPVC doors and windows come in a large variety of colours, finishes and sizes. So much so, that you can closely match your wall colours to the paint shade of uPVC frames.

Other than blending in with the décor of any space, uPVC doors and windows come in all popular designs – be it sliding structures, side-hung windows, casement doors and windows, etc. You can even opt for uPVC doors and windows in a hard or softwood finish.

Strong and Durable

The very nature of uPVC material offers an incredible amount of strength and durability. uPVC doors and windows are incredibly tough and can withstand even the most extreme of elements. These frames do not crack, chip or dent easily, meaning they keep their integrity intact for years to come.

If you love expansive windows that usher in heaps of sunlight, then be wary of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays. uPVC door and window frames along with the right glazing solution offer protection against said rays. Since structures made from this material are UV and IR-resistant, they do not fade and maintain their colour and finish for very long.

Low on Maintenance

uPVC doors and windows allow you to operate on the “fit and forget” mantra. These structures require little to no maintenance as they do not attract dirt and disallow grime to sediment on their surface. However, wiping your uPVC frames with a damp cloth once a month is ideal.

uPVC structures can go for a year without weathering. However, if you live on a particularly dusty street, you can slather these frames with some soapy water, rinse and wipe them with a soft cloth. Do not dust uPVC doors and windows with an abrasive material.

Weatherproof and Rot-Resistant

Do you live close to the sea? Is maritime climate a staple in your city? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, uPVC doors and windows are for you. Remember, uPVC structures are resistant to heat, moisture, and extreme cold. They can withstand thunderstorms and dust storms with unrelenting ease. This quality is especially useful if you live next to the ocean or are close to it. Why? Because uPVC doors and windows never absorb moisture and swell up.

Another critical quality of uPVC structures is that they are resistant to corrosion. No matter the amount of moisture, they show zero signs of weariness. Furthermore, uPVC doors and windows are termite-free.

Safe and Secure

If you think uPVC doors and windows do not provide the same level of security as, say wood or metal, think again! uPVC frames can far exceed the expectations with their ultra-light yet sturdy frames. Since these frames are so tenacious, you can install a multi-point locking system and ensure the safety of your household.

A multi-point locking system allows you to secure uPVC doors and uPVC windows at different points within a frame. Doing this makes unwarranted intrusions and break-ins a distant possibility. You can also choose double glazing solutions along with a combination of locks to make the entryways to your home intensely robust.


uPVC door and window frames are completely fire retardant, meaning they do not catch fire. Most buildings these days have fire safety regulations that ensure the usage of fire-rated material. And uPVC is one of them! Not only do uPVC doors and windows remain inert to fire, but they also stand as a barricade preventing its spread.

If you run an office and are in the middle of renovating it, uPVC doors and windows should be your primary choice. Not only will you meet compliance norms with this material, but you will also have a substantial escape window for your employees in the unfortunate incident of an office fire.


Do you live next to a rather noisy street? Is your office facing the main road? If so, then uPVC doors and windows are an effective solution for you. Combine uPVC frames with double-glazed glass panes to decrease the amount of noise that leaks inside your dwellings.

Do you know that uPVC doors and windows can reduce external noises and disturbances by up to 50% compared to standard windows with untreated annealed glass? Say goodbye to horns honking, and loudspeakers blaring by simply installing uPVC doors and windows.


Contrary to popular belief, uPVC doors and windows are very sustainable. The average lifespan of this material is between 40 to 80 years, and it is made from mostly recyclable materials. Therefore, not only are you making a strong and aesthetic choice when selecting uPVC structures, but also an environmentally conscious one.

You can also retrofit your space with uPVC doors and windows and ask the installer about their disposing or recycling process. uPVC framing material can be used in other products such as pipes, plumbing and other similar fittings.

Offers Insulation

uPVC frames fit perfectly against the hollow door or window space of your wall and offer exceptional insulation. This secure fitting does not allow for cold conditioned air to seep out of your home during peak summers. During winters, uPVC doors and windows keep your insides warm by not allowing warm air to escape, thus providing supreme thermal comfort.

The insulation properties are also excellent for the energy-efficiency of your home. UPVC doors and windows also ensure that extreme temperatures do not put undulating stress on your heating and cooling devices.

Offer Drainage

Sounds unusual? This unconventional and relatively unheard benefit of uPVC doors and windows offers a built-in drainage system, which prevents water from stagnating around the frame. A tiny canal-like drainage system inside the shutters also stops water spillage onto the glass pane.

Superior Ventilation

As mentioned before, uPVC doors and windows come in a wide variety of designs and styles and offer exceptional ventilation and airflow, when opened for fresh air. One such useful configuration is the ‘tilt and turn’. Tilt-and-turn windows are a two-window arrangement capable of operating in two separate directions offering draft-free ventilation.

Tilt and turn uPVC windows can let out the hot air through the top when tilted inwards. Also, side openings can be fully opened to quickly flush in a room with fresh air useful for cleansing and rejuvenating its aura.

The Bottom Line

No matter which design you choose – casements, transoms, bi-folds, sash, French, or tilt-and-turn windows or doors, frame them with uPVC to employ all of the above benefits. Are you looking for impeccable doors and windows for home or office improvement? If yes, then your search ends at AIS Windows – India’s leading fenestration expert.

We offer a myriad of door and windows solutions in all glazing and framing materials possible, including a universe of designs and finishes in uPVC. Our team of experts provides a quick turn-around time with end-to-end solutions – from selection to installation to after-sales support. If you are looking for a true-blue expert to take care of your next fenestration project, think of AIS Windows.

To know more about our entire range of products and services, get in touch with us without further ado!

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