Six Common Myths about Aluminium Doors and Windows for Your Home

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Today’s discerning homeowner has a wide variety of choices to choose from when it comes to the construction and renovation of their homes. Out of this wide pool of choices, one emerging star has been the metal that has steadily risen from its humble origins of a standard bland colour and a hardwood sub-frame to offer complete home solutions – aluminium. Given this fact, there are still several myths circulating the home designing space regarding aluminium. When it comes to shopping for new doors and windows, it is important to separate the facts from fiction.

Given below are some myths attached to aluminium doors and windows that you commonly come across which we want to dispel.

Aluminium Doors and Windows Condensate

This is simply not true. The reason why condensation forms is because of the humidity in the atmosphere. Aluminium windows today come with double glazing and are usually equipped with the latest thermal break technology. This helps in creating airtight seals which will provide your home with incredible thermal efficiency. If there is a problem of condensation, then it is advisable to get the airflow, or the seals investigated so that the problem could be fixed.

Aluminium Doors and Windows are Difficult to Maintain

Perhaps the most common of all myths circulating regarding aluminium doors and windows is that they are difficult to clean and maintain. Since aluminium is a metal, a lot of people are under the impression that it might be prone to corrosion and weather-damage. But the truth is that despite being a metal, aluminium requires little to zero maintenance. It is a hardy metal that is weather, termite, and pest-resistant. Moreover, you need not paint your aluminium doors and windows frequently to keep them free from corrosion. 

Aluminium Doors and Windows Lack Scope for Customisation

There is a misconception among people that because aluminium is a metal, it can only be used in plain and unstylish ways and you can only install them in just one manner. However, that’s not the case. Gone are those days when aluminium was only available in its signature silver colour. Aluminium doors and windows can also be customised the way you want and painted in the hues you desire. Through a process of powder coating, you can give your aluminium doors and windows any colour or hue. There is a wide range of options available in colour, style and design to fit your palette if you want to go with aluminium doors and windows for your home.

Aluminium Doors and Windows are not Durable

Even if there is a huge glass surface attached to minimal or slim aluminium frames, aluminium can still bear the load.  Aluminium does not get warped under temperature fluctuations so no matter where your house is situated, be it in a region that receives a lot of sunshine and heat in summers or is extremely cold during winters, the dimensions of your aluminium doors and windows will remain unchanged without any chance of them contracting or expanding. Aluminium doors and windows can maintain the same tightness and dimensions for many years. This would also ensure that your window or door is perfectly attached to the frame and there is maximum tightness against water and air intrusion. Structural integrity is not an issue for aluminium so if you are a homeowner who wants to enjoy the view outside without any fear of untimely corrosion or breakage, you can easily choose aluminium doors and windows.

Aluminium Doors and Windows Do Not Provide Security

This is simply a wrong notion because in reality aluminium doors and windows offer extremely high levels of security. Due to their durability, structural integrity and solid construction, aluminium doors and windows cannot fall prey to robbers or possible intruders. Aluminium as a material is strong which is why it can be paired with many security accessories such as multi-point locking systems so as to provide you and your family with a high level of security.

Aluminium Doors and Windows Do Not Provide Thermal Insulation

People often claim that aluminium doors and windows are always cold and they do not provide sufficient warmth. This is just a misconception as aluminium offers optimal thermal insulation. Aluminium doors and windows are equipped with special insulation polyamides and thermal breaks built onto them to provide thermal insulation to passive homes. Along with this, a thermally insulated aluminium window has the capacity to protect your home from any extremes of temperature, both during the summers and the winters.

Before making a choice, you should always be well informed about your choices, rather than getting swayed by myths because your home is an investment. Hence, it is important for you to always choose the best for your home. Given the functionality and aesthetic appeal of aluminium, it is a wise decision for you to invest in aluminium doors and windows for your next home renovation project.

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