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09 Sep

A simple guide to types of doors manufactured in India

Posted 7:02 am, September 9, 2021 by AIS Windows / Category: Doors
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Building one’s dream home is something that people invest heavily both financially and emotionally. Be it the tiles or the theme, we want to plan it all down to the last detail. One such fenestration that can hugely impact the look, feel and security of your home is the door, so you should do thorough research before deciding on the material and style of the door. There are a large number of ways doors are manufactured in India. Based on their material, some of the most popular types of doors, their advantages and disadvantages along with their usage are mentioned in the article below to help house owners across the country make an informed decision.

  • Wood/Timber Doors

  • Wood doors are one of the most popular doors in India. They are so popular because of how easily they can be made and the local availability of materials. These doors can be made from a variety of woods depending upon the budget of the house owner as well as the properties of the wood itself. Wood doors can be used for any location in the house but they are mostly used as entry doors due to their rigidness and simple look. Timber is the most commonly used wood for making doors and often these are also called timber doors.

  • Battened Doors

  • Battened doors are another type of door that can be made from locally available materials without the need to call in a skilled craftsman. These doors are made up of vertically placed wooden planks which are of the same height as the door joined using tongue and groove joints. Depending on the size, a number of ledges (usually 3) are provided to increase its strength that’s why they are also called Ledged doors. Battened doors can be braced as well as framed to provide better rigidity and an attractive appearance. These doors are most commonly installed at the entrances to the toilet, bathroom, WC, etc.

  • Frame and Paneled Doors

  • Frame and Paneled doors are most commonly seen as the door of a room. The frame of the door is usually made out of wood while its shutter panels are made from plywood, timber, hardboard, etc. Nowadays glass is being used to make the frame, these types of doors are called panelled and glazed. The materials for making this door are chosen based on the house owner’s budget. Frame and panelled doors look aesthetically pleasing thanks to their hugely customizable design.

  • Flush Doors

  • Flush doors are simple door designs that are made from plywood or medium-density fiberboard fixed over a timber frame with its hollow core often filled with cardboard core material. The frame of the door can be made out of wood, steel, etc depending on the use case and budget of the house owner. They are mostly used inside the house for their good looks and less durability when compared to some doors mentioned in the list. Flush Doors used in bathrooms, etc are covered with a sheet of metal on 1 surface to provide protection against water.

  • Glass Doors

  • Glass doors are one of the most preferred doors by most door manufacturers in India thanks to the wide adoption of these doors in new builds and renovation. Normally such doors are provided on the backside of the house adjacent to the backyard, garden or balcony. These houses are also popular in offices, malls, restaurants, shops and other commercial places as they are not only attractive but also offer an inside view. These doors are costly and require more maintenance when compared to other doors mentioned in this list.

  • Steel Doors

  • Steel doors have been the go-to choice for door manufacturers in India as they are a sturdy choice for exterior and interior doors alike. Steel doors are a great alternative for wood doors as steel can be shaped into a variety of shapes much more easily. They are used in combination with wood or glass to make them more esthetically pleasing. They have a variety of uses ranging from the main door to the balcony door and offer an extensive array of designs. There’s no replacement of steel doors where security is a great concern.

  • PVC Doors

  • Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC is an excellent material choice for doors wherever water is involved. The advantages of using PVC doors are they are lightweight and resistant to moisture, termites and corrosion. They are also easy to manufacture as well as install and can be found in any design or colour you wish for making them a popular choice for door manufacturers in India. These doors can not be used as entry doors because of their lightweight and their inability to withstand harsh weather conditions like storms, heavy winds, etc.

  • Aluminium Doors

  • Aluminium is one of the most widely used metals due to its lightweight and ability to withstand corrosion. Aluminium doors can resist difficult environmental conditions, require next to no maintenance and provide thermal and sound insulation. Due to their light weight, these doors don’t add much weight to the foundation of the building. These doors blend well with their surroundings creating an aesthetically beautiful finish. The different types of Aluminium doors you can see in modern buildings are- Slide and Fold doors, Sliding doors, Casement doors and Lift and Slide doors.

Types of Aluminium Doors

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