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Signs to Revamp and Replace Your uPVC Windows

Posted 7:09 am, December 12, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows
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Indeed, nothing lasts forever, but uPVC windows come close with their decades-long lifespan. Due to its durability, easy maintenance, and robustness, uPVC has become the preferred material for windows and doors in the contemporary residential space. Savvy homeowners stick to uPVC as it has a range of benefits and is one of the most long-lasting materials out there.

Because of these properties, we tend to ignore passive fixtures like uPVC windows as they take a backseat when compared to other household items like décor, fittings, displays, etc. However, it is a good practice to keep a regular check on your glass windows as they might be getting timeworn and require a change.

Usually, there are many signs when a uPVC window fails to live up to its potential and has started asking for a replacement. These signs should not be ignored, as a damaged window can be hazardous to those who come in its proximity. Damaged or rundown windows also become an eyesore and affect the overall appearance of your house. Are you wondering when to get your windows replaced? Read further to know the telltale signs that indicate that your windows need a change.

Windows Appear Worn Out

uPVC windows are known to retain their pristine appearance for at least two decades or more, depending on the brand you purchase them from. But due to improper maintenance, extreme conditions, excessive usage, or the test of time, they can start to look timeworn and unattractive. Windows can go through discolouration, small chips or cracks, patches, etc. uPVC can also become misshapen or warped due to prolonged exposure to the sun. This is a sign that it is time to replace the windows.

Electricity Bills are Inexplicably High

Have your energy bills been higher lately, without any reasonable explanation? The problem could be arising out of old and worn-out windows. Although uPVC has some of the best energy-saving properties and comes with a low-E rating, these can become muted due to years of usage. As a result, you might be using air-conditioners or heaters more often than before, which results in higher electricity bills. In such a scenario, replacing your existing uPVC windows with new ones can drastically bring about a change in your electricity consumption and revamp the overall look of your house as well.

Visible Damage on Windows

Sometimes, the damage is in plain sight. For instance, when your windows start appearing visibly damaged due to cracks, chips, rotting frames, warped frames, creaking noise, etc., it is time to repair or replace them. It is best to go for a replacement as once the windows start to get worn out; they will pose some or the other problem more often.

Difficulty in Opening and Closing

Sometimes, uPVC windows appear fine but begin troubling you when you open or close them. This could be in the form of a creaking noise when opening, rattling sound, instability of the window frame, and extreme tightening or loosening of the hinges, among others. You can call a technician to get an expert opinion and decide if it would be more effective to get the window repaired or entirely replaced.

Usually, a repair can fix these hitches. You can get the hinges tightened and adequately lubricated for smooth opening and closing. There are various services for fixing the window perfectly into the crevice to ensure that it does not break or come out of the frame.

Reduced Sound Blockage

Contemporary homes are built to reduce external noise such that each space offers the needed amount of peace and quiet. Windows play a significant role in this, as laminated or toughened glass windows can significantly reduce external noise by up to 20-30 decibels. But if the windows have not been appropriately fixed or have dislodged over time, noise can seep in through cracks and crevices.

If you can hear increased sounds when standing near the window, it indicates that your window has reached the sunset of its life. This can occur if the window doesn’t shut properly, which is caused by a warped frame, loose hinges, or failure of the locking mechanism. This can also bring in cold or hot air and force you to use electrical appliances to regulate the temperature.

Over to You

Damaged or old windows don’t just affect the interiors of your home, but they can also prove to be a danger to the structure’s occupants in case the window breaks or the glass shatters. If you have noticed these signs manifesting in your uPVC windows, it might be time to get them repaired or replaced. Connect with the experts at AIS Windows to get a professional opinion and get your windows fixed at the earliest! Get our durable, high-quality, and weather-resistant uPVC windows to create a perfect haven for yourself. Contact us today.

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