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15 Jun

Should You Buy Casement windows for Bedroom?

Posted 4:25 pm, June 15, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Casement Window

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What is an ideal bedroom? Is it well -lit? Or ventilated? Maybe, it’s a room with a serene ambience?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, it is important that your bedroom feels warm and inviting. After all, it’s the place you rest in once the day is over.

And believe it or not, windows play a vital role in achieving that. However, are you confused as to which window option to choose? Try casement windows!

What are Casement windows?

A casement window, also known as a crank window, is a type of window that has one or more fringes attached on the side. Generally, casement windows are hinged on the outside of a common frame singly or in pairs. They are permanently mounted into a space.

Like a door, casement windows open sideways with the help of a mechanical crank that is located inside the house. They are outfitted with optional screens that are present on the inside of the house. Also, the screens are removable.

Benefits Involved

Although often overlooked, casement windows are a perfect blend of form and function. Especially for the modern home, they offer excellent views, safety, air insulation, and more. Here are some benefits of installing casement windows in your bedroom.

Make a Statement

In modern décor, casement windows have a high place. Most of casement windows have a sleek and simple design that is perfect for a minimal yet refined look. Especially for the bedroom, window designs that are clean, understated, yet elegant like casement windows are ideal as they contribute to a calmer indoor ambience.

Besides, no matter what your décor inspiration is – industrial, vintage, neo-medieval, traditional, or contemporary – casement windows are compatible with them all. As a result, premium aesthetics is guaranteed.

Enhanced Ventilation

While most window styles open half-way, casement windows open up fully, up to 180 degrees. Because of this, casement windows offer excellent ventilation. For maximum airflow, simply crank open the sash on the window to create a flap, making a passage for even the side breeze to flow in.

With casement windows, your bedroom won’t feel stuffy. Moreover, if your bedroom window opens up to a tightly packed neighbourhood, the sashes on casement windows can help funnel the air inside, promoting enhanced ventilation inside your bedroom.

View for Days

Now, who doesn’t enjoy scenic views from their windows? However, not all window designs let you enjoy that. To get unobstructed views of the outdoors, install casement windows in your bedroom. Since they open up fully, the view is unending, whether the window is closed or open.

While most windows like double-hung or single-hung have strips dividing them, casement windows have no meeting rails as such. This is why they’re able to offer clear, uninterrupted views of the outdoors.

Lets the Sun In

It is important that your bedroom experiences sunlight more often or else it can become stuffy and stale. Since casement windows open up fully, they allow more streams of sunlight to flood in. This aids in improving the lighting conditions of your bedroom.

Besides, casement windows can be outfitted with low-E glass to protect against UV rays, solar glare, and direct harsh sunlight. As a result, you can enjoy the outside views without raising the temperature indoors.

Easy Maintenance

High functionality and easy maintenance? Now that’s a win-win transaction. And casement windows offer you just that! They are easy to clean and maintain due to their functional configuration. Besides, casement windows can be opened up to 180 degrees inside of the home for easy reach.

Best of all, the screens inside the frames are removable. If they’re dirty, remove them from the frame and wipe them clean. Removable screens also allow easy upkeep of the frames’ internal side.

Better Security

Casement windows are better secured than other window styles. This is because a casement window can only be opened by turning up the crank. Even if an intruder tries to enter by breaking the glass, the crank won’t let him since it is difficult to operate from the outside.

Moreover, casement windows can be coupled with safety glasses such as tempered, double-glazed, etc. to improve their resilience against impacts. You can outfit the windows with safety accessories to improve the security further.

Should You Buy?

Given the advantages, there is no doubt that casement windows are an excellent option for your bedroom. If you install casement windows, you get enhanced security, prevention of air infiltration yet optimum ventilation, and a seamless connection between the outdoors and indoors. Additionally, they are easy to upkeep, requiring little to zero maintenance efforts – perfect for busy folks.

And most importantly, their ability to complement a variety of décor styles remains unmatched. Modern or traditional, casement windows are compatible with most décors, so you never need to compromise on the aesthetic value. If you’re remodelling or constructing a home, do consider installing casement windows in your bedrooms.

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