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How To Select Superior Quality Aluminium Doors At the Right Price

Posted at 11:08 AM, December 29, 2022 by AIS Windows / Category: Aluminium Doors
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Are you renovating your home, or starting a new construction project? Looking for door and window solutions that fit perfectly in your plans? Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the infinite choices there are? Let us help you then. It is true you would find tons and tons of products that will charm you and make you rethink your entire project, but to find one that is perfect for you, you have to narrow down on the basics. Door frames have to be sturdy and robust to ensure safety and security. They have to be durable to last long and bring down the cost of maintenance. They also need to look great. After all, what is function without proper form?

Aluminium frames, for both doors and windows, are one of the best fits for any home renovation or commercial project. They not only check all the boxes for functionality but also allows for new aesthetic designs. They are easy to maintain, durable and have a wide range of application catering to different needs. At AIS Windows, we provide a diverse selection of solutions and offer the best aluminium door prices in the market.

Reasons to Buy Aluminium Door Frames


Aluminium is light but very sturdy. Different grades of aluminium are often used in the production of cars to buildings as they provide a higher degree of strength at a lower weight. They are also highly corrosion-resistant. Our certified production technique and surface treatments enable the aluminium frames we make to retain their visual appeal and performance throughout their lifetime. These weather-proof frames are an ideal choice if you live in places that experience a lot of rain, heat-waves or are prone to high winds. In fact, they are heavily used in high-rise apartments primarily because of their ability to deal with high-wind conditions. They are the perfect choice for balcony and patio doors.

Cost Effective

Cheaper yet more robust than timber. Aluminium door frames retain their performance and aesthetics for a longer time and demand way less maintenance than timber. Timber costs more to make and install, requires regular upkeep and maintenance, does not provide as good an insulation as compared to aluminium or uPVC frames and degrades over time. If you are looking for the best aluminium door prices, please visit us at AIS Windows and let our trained experts help you find the best aluminium frames for your need.


Now, we understand that it is not the first thing that people search for while looking for frames for their homes but, it is an amazing property that is very useful. At AIS Windows we constantly innovate and improve our product and this has led us to make aluminium frames that help you better insulate your home. Pair it with the right glass such as soundproof glass and you can save a lot on your energy bill. How? With proper insulation, there is no heat transfer between your home and the outside and in summer, the cool air from your air conditioner doesn’t leak outside.

This drastically reduces the amount of energy required to keep your space warm or cool. This directly reflects on your bill. We believe your space should increase your comfort, not the bill.

Better Aesthetics

The greatest thing about aluminium frames is that it offers you a wide variety of applications. It inspires contemporary designs that add a touch of finesse to your home. They can be powder-coated the match any decor. They can be built to even the most challenging dimensions and specifications. And while ordinary timber becomes prone to warp and twist over time or due to weather conditions, aluminium maintains the shape it was manufactured in throughout its lifetime.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium does not rust. And if you powder coat it to match your decor, it will never be exposed to the elements. But even if the coating rubs off for some reason, aluminium does not rust! Maintaining aluminium door frames is cheap, easy and quick. Just use a soft cloth to wipe them three or 4 times a year and they are good to go!

Try AIS Windows!

If you are looking for high-quality door solutions that last long and look great, your search is over. Explore our services at AIS Windows and find the best aluminium door prices available in the market. We are India’s leading glass manufacturer with a wide selection of products that cater to the automobile and construction industry. Get in touch with us and be on your way to build your dream home.

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