Sash Window

The centuries old sash windows are seeing a revival and AIS Windows is here with an exclusive range designed to match your unique needs. Our sash windows are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and frames to meet all your aesthetic needs. And when coupled with innovative glass solutions, our sash windows can fulfill all your functional requirements – privacy, security, energy-efficiency, sound insulation, and anti-pollution.


Features and Benefits

  • Described as the ‘eyes of the façade,’ our window sashes are both charming and elegant
  • An excellent choice for superior ventilation
  • Lack of hinges ensure protection from wind forces
  • Designed in a manner to keep the elements at bay – rain, snow, dust
  • Lowers the interior temperature during the warm months
  • Low-maintenance
  • Allows natural light but blocks out glare



  • Living rooms that face busy streets
  • Residences located in areas that receive heavy rain and snow
  • Bathrooms
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Universities


Style Variants to Choose from

Our sash windows are available in the following variants –

Classification Based on Number of Panels

Georgian Window Sash

Amongst the oldest traditional sash windows still in use today, our Georgian-styled window sash features 6 over 6 panes design, using astragal bars to hold smaller squares of glass panels in place.


Edwardian Window Sash

Featuring a mix of both the eras that came before and after, the Edwardian-styles sash windows feature a top and a bottom window sash. The top window sash comprises 6 over 6 panes design (native to the Georgian era) and the bottom sash included a Victorian style large glazed area, featuring either one or no astragal bar at all.


Victorian Window Sash

Offering a balance between ventilation and natural light, the Victorian sash windows featured a design of two over two panes grid on both the top and the bottom window sash. These windows provided residents with ample natural light, meanwhile, protecting from unwanted glare.

Classification Based on Framing Material


AIS Windows’ uPVC sash windows are defined by their classic design and sleek appearance. Our high-quality uPVC frames are long-lasting, resistant to the elements, and 100% non-toxic and sustainable.



AIS Windows also offers sash windows in sturdy and elegant, powder-coated aluminium frames. Not only is this a great option for slim frame variants but our aluminium sash windows are highly robust and ridiculously low-maintenance.