Anti-Smog and Air Pollution Resistant Window Solutions by AIS Windows

Air pollution has become a serious reality in urban regions today. We love our cities for their modern infrastructure; lifestyle and amenities but smog and pollution have tended to become undesirable add-ons. This has been caused by steady growth in vehicular traffic, construction activity and industrial base in. This causes serious health issues for urban dwellers who are exposed to these harmful pollutants and become prone to respiratory ailments. As this problem goes unabated without showing any sign of relenting soon, it makes sense to deal with it sensibly.

AIS Windows, with its long professional experience in offering new age glass window solutions, has risen up to the challenge. Its anti-smog and air pollution resistant window system work to ensure that your windows are completely air tight and prevent any air leakage. We utilise the value of specialised high-quality silicon sealant to beat the problem of air leakage through gaps and inlets in the windows.

Our leakage-free window solutions restrict the entry of unwanted poor quality air from outside into your home and preserve the comfort and purity that make your home special. Thus, what you get is unquestionable protection against outside impurity and awesome maintenance of the comfortably air-conditioned room temperature and ambience inside.

Saves You the Need to Get an Air-purifier

What’s more, these window glass solutions also reduce your need to depend on artificial air purifying devices. You can save on the energy costs of using air purifiers and experience a healthy lifestyle too. In case you are already using an air purifier, then we suggest you to check the quality of air in your home before and after installing air tight, anti-pollution windows. You will certainly notice a huge change in the level of air pollution in the house after installing the futuristic anti-smog and air pollution resistant window solutions.

Prescient Installation

We have an expert team of professional engineers who scrutinise each and every inlet from your window opening. In the process of installation, they work sincerely to fill in these active air gaps to prevent air pollution, cut down on the noise pollution and secure safe, healthy and peaceful living.

Completely Safe and Secure

These window systems feature strongly sealed windows with high quality joints and gaskets to ensure that there are no gaps left. They have advanced multipoint locking systems for closing the outlet extremely tight. This way, there’s no chance of allowing the entry of any undesirable pollutant into the living space.

Durable and Dependable

Our anti-smog and air pollution resistant window solutions work on double glazed unit glass. These type of glasses are designed with advanced technology. They work to give you the multiple benefits of preventing heat, noise apart from being highly strong and durable.