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Latest French Window Design Ideas for Your Home

Posted at 7:19 AM, February 21, 2022 by AIS Windows / Category: French Windows
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French windows have a long and interesting history dating back to the 17th century. Around this period French was at war with Italy resulting in Italian architecture and art influencing a lot of buildings throughout France and one such thing was French Windows.

What are French Windows?

What are French Windows

A French window is a type of double sashed window that can be opened in both directions- inwards as well as outwards. French windows commonly consist of two panels that unlike other windows do not fold or slide made possible by the hinges attached at the corner of the framework. These two panels that make up the window can be interlocked using the handle present on the panels. It adds to a room’s aesthetics, ventilation and natural light making them a great choice for residential and commercial properties alike.

Types of French Window Designs

There are numerous french window designs that you can find in the market which makes it easy for someone to be overwhelmed by the number of choices he/she is getting. So to help you out here are some of the french window designs that are in vogue.

  • Sliding french windows

  • Sliding french windows are the latest trend in the market and has made it to most homes and offices. The wide panels provide ample light inside the room meaning you can enjoy the outside view without leaving the comfort of your room. This type of french window doesn’t even take up much space and are a great choice for rooms with an adjacent garden or balcony.

  • In-swing french windows

  • In-swing french windows are being used in residential buildings for centuries thanks to the good ventilation and sunlight they provide. These windows are a great choice for people who like to spend those breezy evenings sitting on their patio or enjoying a barbeque with their friends and family. In-swing french windows open inwards meaning you won’t be decreasing your patio or balcony space when the window is opened.

  • Out-swing french windows

  • If you are looking for a french window variant to maximise your room’s ventilation as well as incoming natural light without being a hindrance in your room then these out-swing french windows are your best bet. These windows are preferred in residential as well as commercial buildings as they open outwards meaning you won’t be giving up any space inside your home or office complex.

  • Fibreglass in-swing french windows

  • Fibreglass in-swing french windows are a great choice for bedrooms as they provide the required privacy and security that a person requires in his/her bedroom without giving up much on the benefits of in-swing french windows mentioned above.

Benefits of French Window Designs

Now that you have chosen a design for your property, it’s also important to know what benefits and features you will be getting along with your purchase. So here are some of the most notable benefits associated with french window designs.

  • Enhanced aesthetics

  • One of the greatest benefits of adding a french window(s) to your room is enhanced aesthetics. Offices use it to boost employee morale and create a friendly environment for their customers while in residential buildings they provide a great view of the outside world without the need to leave the comfort or security of your home.

  • More natural light

  • Most french window designs are known for their ability to transmit most light that’s incident on them meaning you can bask in the sun all you want without the need to deal with the harsh artificial light that most CFLs and bulbs emit. More natural light means lower power consumption resulting in lower electricity bills. It might not seem much but in the long run, you will be doing good for our home planet while also saving money.

  • Better ventilation

  • French windows are one of the largest windows that you can add to your home or office meaning there’s a ton of area for air to pass through resulting in better ventilation. Good ventilation means every time you breathe you will be breathing fresh air in a room that’s not only cool but also free from any internal smells.

  • Easy to clean

  • These windows are pretty easy to clean and requires next to no expertise or special tools to clean, all you need to do is wet the glass panes and wipe them using a dry cloth or a small wiper for best results.

  • Low maintenance

  • The materials used in these windows are pretty resistant to natural factors and do not sustain damage easily meaning you won’t need to replace them even after years of usage. Its durability combined with its easy cleaning process makes it a great choice for people who are looking for a window solution for their homes or offices.

Now that you know all about french windows, their type and the benefits associated with them, you might be looking for a place to buy them for your home or office. There are many websites that provide their services in this department but if you are looking for the best website then look no further and head over to our website and we will fix you with a french window that will enhance your room’s aesthetics and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

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