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Why Should You Invest in Aluminium Doors?

Posted 11:50 am, January 25, 2022 by AIS Windows / Category: Aluminium Doors
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If you are looking forward to buying doors for your contemporary home or are thinking of upgrading your existing inauguration then aluminium doors can be a competent choice. But do you know how installing aluminium doors can be favourable? Read on to know why people are preferring aluminium doors over the rest as we have listed the most important advantages below:

Benefits of aluminium doors

Benefits of Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are well known for their strength, functionality and low sustenance. But there are some misconceptions around them. Contrary to the belief they not only increase the aesthetic value of space but also utilize aluminium’s excellent mechanical properties which contribute to the customizability and strength of these robust doors

  • Durable

  • Aluminium doors are well known for their durability as the material is popular for its robust properties including rust free nature and resistance to bending, rotting and UV rays. Its high mechanical strength eradicates your worry about replacing it now and then as it can withstand tough weather conditions for a long duration.

  • Economical

  • A quick price check will reveal that aluminium doors are more cost-efficient when compared to their alternatives such as timber/wooden and uPVC doors. If longevity, sturdiness and energy performance are taken into consideration these prove to be a cheaper option and offer the best value for money. Last but not least, these are quite easy to maintain as they don’t require any special maintenance procedures.

  • Highly customisable

  • You’d surely love the fact that renowned brands like AIS Windows offer numerous unique designs of aluminium doors. You can customise them depending on the space, and area you’re installing them in. Be it sliding or folding doors, minimal designs with very thin profiles or corner topologies (that too with enormous colours and texture palettes!) these aluminium doors offer it all and enhance the aesthetics of your space without any limitations.

  • Recyclable

  • One of the major advantages is that aluminium doors can be recycled, thus making them far more eco friendly than wooden or uPVC doors. Moreover, the recycling process preserves all of their characteristics without any quality degradation. Last but not least, it also helps in reducing the carbon footprint as the energy required to recycle it is only 5℅ of that consumed for its initial production.

  • Energy efficient

  • It may sound surprising but do you know that your electricity bill can vary depending upon the quality of your doors and windows? Over the past few years, the significant advancement in technology and process optimisation has ensured greater heat retention by aluminium doors so your heating system won’t have to work overtime to maintain the desired room temperature. Hence if coupled with the right glasses, aluminium doors can help in reducing energy consumption and prevent sky-rocketing electricity bills!

  • Effective insulation

  • If you are someone who speculates aluminium doors can’t provide optimal insulation then most probably you need to check your facts again. The rapid technological advancement in recent years has led to the creation of premium quality aluminium frames that can deter external noise, moisture and harmful radiations from entering the house. When it comes to homes and offices located in urban areas (with high noise pollution) aluminium doors prove to be a great solution as they can provide effective sound insulation so that you can work, play and rest without being bothered by external noise.

  • Sturdy and Secure

The most essential and basic requirement of a door is to ensure that no one can trespass and enter the house without your permission. Besides enhancing the aesthetics, these also offer a high level of security due to their durable and solid construction that can withstand extreme conditions. If you live near a forest or green area then do consider installing aluminium doors so that you won’t have to worry about the durability as aluminium doors are low key resistant to fire. If you purchase them from renowned brands, then they might even ensure that the doors have a BAL-40 rating to withstand forest fires and other threats.

If you have made up your mind to opt for aluminium doors or have some queries then you can get in touch with AIS Windows. Their team of experts will not only clear your doubts but also help you pick some of the best designs that can go well with all kinds of spaces (both commercial and residential). You won’t have to worry about the price and quality of the products as AIS Windows is one of the leading brands in India and has earned its name through its ‘customer first’ approach which ensures that you get durable, attractive, sustainable, innovative and affordable doors and windows that can be customised as per your tastes and needs.

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