Latest Main Door Design Trends for Indian Homes

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In cinematic history, main doors have become a major trope, signifying beginnings and endings. From the wardrobe door in Narnia to the small and round hobbit door in The Lord of the Rings and the main door that Jaya Bacchan runs towards, awaiting the arrival of her son in Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham – these main doors have left a lasting impression on the viewers.

The main doors in our homes have a similar impact. Although their primary function is to provide accessibility, their design, style, and colour can influence the cumulative visual appeal of our homes.

Why Main Door Matters

On the surface, it seems superficial. However, main door designs are responsible for setting the ambience of the entire home. After all, it’s not just the main door but also, the main entrance. It can draw positive attention or pass on a negative first impression based on how it is designed.

As you’re aware, main doors along with windows help in establishing a social connection with the surrounding. Their design, colour, and built reflect the personality of homeowners.

In Indian homes especially, main doors have a special significance from the festival’s standpoint. Be it adorning flower garlands during Diwali, tying mango leaves above the main doors for positivity, or creating rangoli designs in front of the main doors during Onam and Pongal, main doors are an important part of Indian home décor.

Need main door design inspiration for your home? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of the latest main door design trends to try in 2020.

uPVC Doors

Recently, use of uPVC in Indian window design and door design has become quite popular. Thanks to its durability, all-weather resistance, low-maintenance needs, and most of all, its economical pricing, uPVC has become a top choice among homeowners.

They can be painted in numerous shades – orange, teal, black, blue, and so much more! Also, their smooth, wood-like texture makes them a good and cost-effective option. Highly flexible style-wise, they can complement diverse home décor styles.

Glass French Doors

For premium performance, investing in glass French doors is your best bet. Native to France, these door designs are elegant, refined, and minimalistic – perfect for urban homes.

Their symmetrical designs blend with the décor, both internal and external, to create a harmony of styles. And if you’re worried about security, these doors can be outfitted with safety glass and multi-point locking systems for maximum security.

Industrial Design Doors

From design’s standpoint, industrial design doors offer a minimal yet sleek look. If you’re going for a contemporary style, these doors can be a stylish addition.

In this design, the emphasis is given on strong geometric lines and patterns. They combine elements of metal, wood, and glass to create an industrial finish which is contrasted by the warm tones of the wood.

Solid Doors

Unsure which main door design to choose? Go for solid main doors! Their simple yet clean design befits several décor styles. Besides, you can insert several motifs in the design; opt for flower patterns, deities (Ganesha is a local favourite!), or geometrical lines, solid doors offer immense flexibility of design.

Best of all, solid doors can be made of wood, metal, or a combination of both. If you desire a classic look, go for wooden designs. While for a sleek, minimalistic appeal, metallic solid doors are recommended.

Bright and Bold Doors

If you’ve seen the pictures of Jaipur, Venice, or Copenhagen, you know how impactful bold and bright architecture can be. Think your home needs a colourful addition? Check out colourful and bold main doors to achieve a bright and novel style.

Find the perfect balance between modern and traditional styles – bright main doors will help you to stand out. They’re radiant, fresh, and induce a cheerful ambience, favourable for that perfect first impression.

Panel Doors

Nowadays, many homeowners are choosing panel doors for their main entrance. This is because they’re more rigid and flexible in design. Besides, you can opt for one or more panels depending on the design you like.

If you want the entrance to be brighter, you can even insert glass panes or lites in the panel doors. Or you can go for metal inserts to achieve a more contemporary look.

You can play around with panel designs too. They can be solid, patterned, or stripped to create an eye-catching main door design.

Over to You

According to Vaastu Shastra, the main doors are the ‘face’ of your house. It is important to get the main design right to invite positive energy within your home. Therefore, just like Indian window design, main door designs must be chosen after careful consideration.

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