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How to Install Sliding Doors on a Dry Wall

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Whether you bought a new apartment and wish to decorate it on your own terms or perhaps you bought an old furnished office space that could use some redecorating, interior design requires a lot of patience and work. You may pay attention to every detail and make selections carefully regarding the colour scheme, the type of doors and windows and even the additional décor items that will help add the perfect touch of class and sophistication to your spaces. However, many-a-times, you may notice that things don’t pan out as you expected them to. Your unique ideas may not comply with the wall structures and perhaps may even require you to tear down the walls and start from scratch, leading to unnecessary waste of time and resources.

In many contemporary properties – be it an apartment or a swanky office, you may find that the majority of the partition walls are made of dry wall or plasterboard. The reason for their popularity is that they are a simple and convenient, are relatively cheap and offer quick results as opposed to the lengthy process of building a traditional masonry wall. However, the main problem that arises with dry walls is the fitting of doors. Most people aiming to create a functional yet aesthetic space opt for sliding doors. They offer the perfect combination of fashionable yet functional décor but many people may find themselves stumped on finding out that the areas where they planned to mount their sliding door system are made up of dry wall.

Ways to Install a Sliding Door

Despite having decided to install a sliding door system, you may be forced to rethink your options. And this dilemma always begets the same questions- is it possible to still install a sliding door on a dry wall? If yes, will it harm the integrity and structural stability of the dry wall? Will it result in poorly fitted sliding doors that may be prone to getting jammed?

Well, to answer your primary question- No! Sliding doors can easily be fitted into dry walls without having to worry about reducing the efficiency of these systems. Still wondering how? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  We have listed the different types of sliding doors and how they are fitted onto a dry wall.

Wall Sliding System

In this model, the rail is situated on the wall above the door opening and upon moving the door, you can access the next door opening. Since the original purpose of sliding doors was to help people increase the availability of space, this design helps users establish privacy as well as enjoy open spaces at their own will, making them the perfect choice for personal cabins.

Hidden Sliding System

Unlike the previous style, these type of sliding doors do not stay visible all the time. They are hidden in a special recess in the wall to help users utilise maximum area by eliminating any obstructing doors, thus creating the illusion of bigger spaces which is a great idea for homes with cramped rooms.

Mounted Sliding System

This model comes in handy when all else fails. This unique design allows users to mount the sliding door to the ceiling and operate it like a curtain. This measure is implemented when it becomes impossible to fit the sliding door system into the walls of the user’s homes and offices.

Types of Sliding Doors

Now that you know that dry walls do not hinder the process of installing sliding doors, let’s take a look at some of the trendy sliding door systems that you can install to amp up the efficiency and aesthetics of your space.

1. Classic Sliding Doors

The most quintessential of all sliding door designs, these classic sliding doors offer timeless elegance. They are easy to operate, virtually maintenance-free and allow you to enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of your surroundings. At AIS Windows, our sliding doors are designed with wood, uPVC and aluminium frames to help you create the perfect vibe for your space. They are extremely lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant and provide striking aesthetics for your homes and offices.

2. Lift-and-Slide Doors

Designed to accommodate spaces with large openings, the lift-and-slide doors are the most aesthetic of them all. Created with expansive glass panels, these sliding doors offer the convenience and space that hinged doors cannot provide. AIS Windows’ lift-and-slide range has smooth sliding panels with heavy-duty hardware and large panel size for heavy load-bearing capacity. They can also be built straight, curved or in a corner allowing clients to customise their sliding doors based on their needs.

3. Slide-and-Fold Doors

Also known as accordion doors, the funky slide-and-fold doors are truly a statement piece. Used in open areas to give the illusion of a virtual wall, these sliding doors are manufactured with multiple frames having both fixed and moving parts to offer the perfect blend of smart operability and striking aesthetics. AIS Windows possesses slide-and-fold doors in uPVC, wood and aluminium making it the ideal choice for enhancing security with its multi-point locking system and heavy-duty design.

Looking for the perfect sliding doors to enrich your space? Get in touch with AIS Windows – the one-stop-shop for all your door and window needs. We offer expert guidance from selection up until the final installation to ensure you select the right product for your space. Get in touch with us today!

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