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Home Renovation: 5 Most Common Types of Windows to Know

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Windows play an important role when you want your home or building to look beautiful and ensure proper ventilation. The market is flooded with numerous choices regarding window designs; each design provides a distinct meaning in terms of style, layout, and adornment. But the availability of multiple options can be confusing. Under such conditions, it’s always best to prefer a window system that is adequate for all sorts of spaces and is cost-effective (in terms of both sustenance and endurance costs).

However, some common types of windows are ruling the market currently, thanks to their functional yet eye-catching design that seems to go well with most commercial and residential spaces. Read on to know more about 5 of the most common types of windows you can opt for for your new space.

5 Most Common Types of Windows

    1. Aluminium Sliding Windows

    Aluminium sliding windows are best known for their durability and resistance to corrosion. The weatherproof material can endure high wind loads which can be a good choice for people living in high-rise apartments. Introducing aluminium windows instead of ordinary ones in your bedroom can enrich its aesthetic value. They are an effective yet striking preference for cupboards and apparel in your bedroom. Plus they facilitate adequate ventilation and are simple to manage.

    • Aluminium sliding windows provide a stunning style and design to enhance the aesthetic of your home.
    • Minimal maintenance is required.
    • Aluminium windows come in a wide range of designs.
    • Smooth and easy operation.

    Aluminium windows can prove to be an appropriate choice without any second thought. Since they’re available in a variety of styles you can opt for modern, classic, and other customized designs as per your home’s exterior and interior design.

    2. French Windows

    The French Windows were originally made from iron and wood. To be more precise these windows look more like doors rather than windows. French windows consist of long glass panels that generally open outwards and are separated by upright racks. These windows can be a luxurious and elegant selection for your house to elevate its look and overall protection. One of its major advantages is its incredible versatility. Since they give the appearance of doors, people usually prefer to install them on upper floors.

    French window installation

    Installing French windows in your house is not a challenging task if you have a suitable space. Here is all you need to do to install French Windows:

    • Remove your old window.
    • Make sure each part of the frame is ready before beginning.
    • Start the process with a frame and then proceed to add each side of the windows.
    • Make use of the necessary bolts to ensure the window is in place.

    3. Sliding Window

    As the name suggests, sliding windows are mobile as they can slide in the window’s frame. This window is moved within the internal space of the frame which means no extra space is needed to open it. The sliding window is usually wide. One of its major disadvantages is that it cannot be opened completely as compared to the casement window. There are three types of sliding windows these are:

    • Double-track sliding windows
    • Triple-track sliding windows
    • Multi-track sliding windows

    Sliding windows often help in giving a more spacious look without taking up too much space, thereby making them a hit among people looking to upgrade their compact space.

    4. Fixed Windows

    Fixed windows are the ones that cannot be closed or opened as they are completely fixed to the wall. They provide enough light into your house with their fully glazed shutters which are fixed to the frame of the window. These can be a cheap alternative as compared to other types of windows. Moreover, these windows are usually installed at a height to ensure maximum sunlight can enter your house. When in doubt, you can always opt for fixed windows as they blend well with all kinds of interiors

    5. Casement Windows

    Casement windows are emerging as a widely used window type in India. It offers greater ventilation as compared to ordinary windows therefore it is not recommended to install casement windows in streets or traffic areas. They can be opened fully just like doors and are used predominantly in residential estates. Depending on their applications some popular designs for casement window design include:

    • Single casement window
    • Double casement window
    • Picture casement window
    • Awning casement window
    • Bay windows

    The major advantage of using casement windows is that they’re easy to maintain, ensure good insulation and can be customised. However, these are not the most secure and are limited in size.

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